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BOC 3 Filing

Written by Nick Webster

Published on May 20, 2023, 11:44 a.m.


Here is what BOC 3 filing refers to:

  • BOC 3 filing is a form required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for motor carriers operating in interstate commerce.
  • It provides the FMCSA with contact information and authorizes a process agent to accept the service of legal documents on behalf of the carrier.
  • The form must be filed before interstate operations may begin, and it must be renewed each year. Must visit BOC-3
  • The filing consists of two parts: Form BOC-3 and Form BOC-3 Designation of Process Agents.
  • Additionally, if a motor carrier uses subcontractors to operate its vehicles, it must also complete and file Form MCS-90. Read here about Starting a Trucking Company Correctly.

What Is the FMCSA BOC-3 Form?

Carriers and brokers can file Form BOC-3 (Designation of Process Agents) with the FMCSA. This form should be filed by a process agent acting on behalf of the applicant. Those applicants without commercial motor vehicles, such as brokers or freight forwarders, may file the form on their own behalf. There should only ever be one completed form on file, including all states for which agency designations are needed. It is recommended that the carrier or broker keep one copy at its principal place of business. What is MC Number?

Instructions About Filing the Form

Regulations around designating people to whom the process may be served can be found in 49 CFR 366. Every state that a carrier, broker, or freight forwarder operates in requires the designation of an agent who must reside within the same condition. In addition, carriers and brokers may designate themselves for their own individual forms of residence, and state officials may act as agents only if they agree. Please note that post office box addresses are not accepted. What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement?

​​​The BOC-3 filing is a requirement of the FMCSA for interstate transportation companies. This form serves as a way for individuals to contact you if legal action needs to be taken. What is the DOT SAP Program? A process agent is a representative who can receive court documents on your behalf and will forward them to you via certified mail. Having this person appointed lets everyone know where they can send necessary paperwork if needed. By completing the BOC-3 form, you are ensuring potential legal issues are handled smoothly and promptly.​ How To Request the DOT PIN Number?

You must keep your mailing address up-to-date with the FMCSA and any third-party organization such as our own. This will ensure that you receive any court proceedings papers promptly, helping to avoid a possible default judgment. For further information about the Designation of Process Agents by Motor Carriers and Brokers, please refer to FMCSA Regulation 49 CFR Part. What is Unified Carrier Registration?

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What Takes Place Once I Complete My BOC-3 Form Through

Our experts can file your BOC-3 form within 72 hours of you submitting it. Before filing the form, please ensure that all of the information on the first page matches what is registered with the FMCSA. Once we've filed your form, you'll receive a confirmation letter, a list of process agents in every state, and a copy of the filed BOC-3 form for your records. Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended topics. Also, take a look at the Drug and Alcohol Program policy.

Once Files My Form, Does the Form Have to Get Re-Filed Once Per Year?

Nope. But if any of the information associated with your business changes - such as ownership, company name, or address - it is essential to refile the BOC-3 form within the limited time frame allowed by the FMCSA. To ensure compliance, you should keep both the FMCSA and up to date with any relevant updates. You must stay on top of this process to maintain a valid operating authority. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance in filing a new or updated BOC-3 form. We're here to help! Visit the DOT Authority Package, which contains tips to prepare for 2022 DOT Week filings in minutes.

When Can I Receive an Annual Renewal Invoice?

Come December, you can receive a renewal notice to keep your process agents – who are all attorneys – up to date. Should you ever find yourself in the middle of court proceedings, do not hesitate to reach out and contact the process agent on your own for legal representation in that state. How do you get an Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit?


Are you a business that owns or operates commercial vehicles? We understand how complex the process can be to get all the necessary requirements and keep your commercial vehicle legally on the road. The BOC-3 (Designation of Agents for Service of Process) is mandatory to secure operating authority and maintain an interstate active status! Learn here How to Prepare for a Compliance DOT Audit.

Every trucker for hire, broker, or freight forwarder must have their BOC-3 form filed with the FMCSA to receive their Authority. It's only through a process agent that this authorization can be granted. Please get in touch with our organization today to get started. We are standing by to set your trucking company up with a process agent in every state where you do business. This way, you can maintain an excellent standing with the DOT and FMCSA. Check out The Basics of Farm Exemptions. You will then be able to maintain complete motor carrier authority or broker. What are the Top 3 DOT paper-appointed Violations?

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    Summary: What Does BOC 3 Filing Involve?

    • BOC 3 filing is an official document that must be filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration by all entities wishing to act as motor carriers, freight forwarders, or brokers.
    • It allows the FMCSA to identify the designated process agents for each state where business is conducted. Read about Texas DOT Numbers and USDOT Numbers.
    • This document must include contact information for the process agent who is authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of the company.
    • The BOC 3 form must also have the name and contact information of any other officers in your company, such as the president and secretary/treasurer.
    • Additionally, it requires any required fees associated with operating within a particular state to be paid before submitting.
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