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DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement

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Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 1:41 p.m.


What happens if you don't register for DOT Clearinghouse?

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DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement

The DOT Clearinghouse went into effect at the beginning of 2020. It contains new compliance rules that employers must adhere to. CDL drivers must also follow the rules. Sure, the FMCSA has enforced Clearinghouse compliance since January of 2020. However the agency has made some recent changes that apply to non-compliance fines.

The FMCSA revised Appendix B processes in 2021.

There are now more civil penalties that apply to both employees and employers. Even service agents and medical review officers must follow the changes. The fines go to anyone who violates DOT Clearinghouse regulations. Read about MCS 150.

What Is the DOT Clearinghouse?

All DOT Clearinghouse processes refer to its secure online database. The database provides employers and the FMCSA with real-time CDL information. That information focuses on all drug and alcohol program violations. This way, state law enforcement personnel, and SDLAS can access the data at any time. (SDLAS refers to State Driver Licensing Agencies). The Clearinghouse got put in place by the US Secretary of Transportation. Through the DOT Clearinghouse, employers can identify any driver that commits a violation.

The violations can apply to drugs, alcohol, or both.

There are many DOT compliance rules to learn and remember. Here is one of the most important. Employers have to inform a driver’s future employers about violations. Must visit Motor Carrier Authority . How To Request the DOT PIN Number.

What Information Does the Clearinghouse Contain?

The DOT Clearinghouse features information on every CDL driver’s violation. Those violations focus on drugs and alcohol. Here is an example of a violation. A driver reports for duty with an alcohol concentration above 0.04. Or the driver uses any drug in the DOT violation guidelines while on duty. The only exception is a drug prescribed through a licensed medical practitioner.

Even alcohol use four hours before operating a vehicle serves as a violation.

(Or, alcohol use within eight hours of an accident.) Refusing to submit to a DOT drug or alcohol test is another key violation. What Is IRP or Apportioned Registration? Meaning of FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended.

DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement During Roadside Inspections

Many DOT drug and alcohol violations take place during roadside inspections. The CVSA added Clearinghouse compliance to its out-of-service criteria. Inspectors now perform roadside checks during each standard inspection process. About 1,200 alcohol and drug violations get added to the database each week. This is according to official FMCSA data. What are MC Number and MC number insurance requirements?

More and more commercial drivers have gotten pulled from duty in the last year.

They can get placed out of service in an instant during these inspections. This leads to a potential gap in the recent Clearinghouse process. Employers only have to run a Clearinghouse query once per year. (This applies to each current CDL driver.) The lack of queries leads to drivers who test positive moving on to operate for another carrier. This way, drivers can use for many months without Clearinghouse detection. That's one reason why the FMCSA and DOT are cracking down on violations. Remember that there are already well over 50,000 violations in the DOT database. How to get TEXAS Dot Number?

DOT Safety Audits & Compliance Reviews

Our trucking compliance team recently spoke to a safety auditor. The auditor stated something significant about the FMCSA. The FMCSA is now insisting that every auditor should ask about Clearinghouse compliance. This takes place during both compliance and safety reviews. Why? To ensure that each carrier or employer complies with the new FMCSA regulations. Know about MC Number versus USDOT Registration Distinction.

The process enforces that employers give auditors a list of CDL drivers.

Every CDL driver a company employed in the last year should get listed. This way, the FMCSA can establish a record of queries and consent. Must visit Starting a Trucking Company Correctly.


The Clearinghouse Areas That DOT Auditors Assess

Let’s now go over the key Clearinghouse areas that DOT auditors analyze. They first look to see if an employer has registered with the Clearinghouse. Then, they examine if the employer conducted pre-employment queries on new CDL drivers. But that’s not all. An auditor can then check if an employer shows once-per-year queries on CDL drivers.

The auditor can see if an employer has consent to run Clearinghouse queries.

This applies to either written or electronic content. Auditors also see if employers report positive drug and alcohol violations. They have to do so through the Clearinghouse. Failing to participate in any of these measures can result in significant fines and penalties. Also, visit Trucking Authority Packages.

What Happens to Employers That Are Out of Compliance?

Say that a trucking employer is out of compliance with any of the above areas. DOT auditors will levy harsh out-of-service orders and/or fines. The key is for employers to set up an active Clearinghouse account ASAP. This applies to anyone who hires CDL drivers. Plus, employers should work hard to adhere to all the new Clearinghouse rules. Learn here about Verify DOT vs MC Numbers.

Do you have questions about how to keep up with Clearinghouse regulations?

If so, please get in touch with our organization right now. Our experts will work hard to help you execute a plan to maintain DOT and FMCSA compliance. Know about UCR registration.

Do You Need To Learn More About DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement? Contact Us Now

Please submit your questions about DOT Clearinghouse enforcement to our experts anytime. You can do so through an email, website message, or phone call. We aim to ensure that every carrier keeps its drivers (and all others) safe. We use advanced tools and resources to help companies follow DOT and FMCSA rules. If you need help with compliance, look no further than our organization. How to get USDOT Number?

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