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DOT Week

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Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 1:41 p.m.


The Basics of DOT Week 2021

The FMCSA Registration LLC can help you in getting certified with FMCSA in a very short time. DOT Week 2021 is fast approaching. It’s when many US truck drivers must proceed with great caution. Why? Because CVSA inspectors conduct commercial motor vehicle examinations. CVSA refers to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance CVSA. During the 72-hour window, the inspectors also focus on examining CMV drivers. Read about BOC-3 Filing.

Check out the top 3 DOT violations. Each of the annual CVSA International Roadchecks focuses on specific tracking processes. This means that inspectors will look for violations within a district category. (Please scroll down to learn about this year’s critical violations.) The CVSA does this to shine a light on specific trucking categories. This way, drivers and carriers get reminded to adhere to DOT compliance regulations. Compliance with safe cargo securement regulations is a critical focus in 2021. The CVSA lists several dates on which it will conduct truck inspection campaigns. Let’s now go over these important dates. You must visit the Drug and Alcohol Program.

International Roadcheck (DOT Week 2021)

How to get the Oregon Trip Permit? The International Roadcheck (DOT Week 2021) will occur May 4 - 6, 2021. The International Roadcheck serves as an annual three-day event by the CVSA. That’s why it often gets referred to as DOT Week. This is when CVSA-certified inspectors will assess truckers' compliance. They will also take part in various educational and DOT enforcement procedures. Their key focus is driver and vehicle safety. The International Roadcheck is a huge deal. It’s the most extensive CMV-targeted enforcement program on earth. Learn How to Get A USDOT Number.

What are The Basics of Farm Exemptions? Almost fifteen trucks and buses will be inspected every minute during DOT Week 2021. This applies during the entire 72 hours. Some truckers call DOT Week the commercial motor vehicle inspection blitz. The week will focus on two common vehicle maintenance/driver violations of 2020. They are hours-of-service compliance and vehicle lighting. These were big-time issues during DOT Week 2020 and Roadcheck 2020. Must visit Trucking Authority Packages.

MC Number Insurance Requirements. Carriers must get ready to meet all driver requirements and vehicle maintenance standards. Otherwise, they might not pass the annual inspection program. Make sure that you prepare the lighting of your vehicles before DOT Week. Inoperable lamps were the number one vehicle violation last year. They accounted for around 12 percent of total vehicle violations. This is according to official FMCSA documents. At last year’s Roadcheck, the top out-of-service violation was hours of service. That accounted for almost 35% of CVSA service violations. Starting a Trucking Company Package.

What CVSA & DOT Inspectors Might Examine During DOT Week 2021

How to get an IFTA Sticker. CVSA inspectors will search for critical vehicle inspection violations during DOT Week 2021. They list potential breaches in the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria. Say that your truck gets found to have violations during DOT inspection week. The vehicle will get placed out of service by the FMCSA. This means that no one can operate the car for quite some time. At least, not until out-of-service conditions have been corrected. The key parts of a truck or bus that inspectors will assess are listed below. These are all important for 72 hours of DOT inspection 2021. Make sure that these components function well for you before DOT Week 2021: Know about MC Authority compared to DOT Compliance Differentiation.

-Brake systems

-Cargo securement

-Coupling devices

-Driveline/driveshaft components

-Driver’s seat

-Exhaust systems


-Fuel systems

-Lighting devices

-Steering mechanisms



-Van and open-top trailer bodies

-Wheels, rims, hubs, and windshield wipers

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More About the International Roadcheck Blitz (DOT Week 2021)

How to get a DOT number in California? Trucking companies must pass the Level I and Level V inspections on DOT Week. Passing these inspections during the blitz will result in receiving a CVSA decal. Vehicles featuring CVSA decals are not inspected by the DOT for three months. That’s how long the decal remains valid after DOT blitz week 2021. Inspectors will check more than the criteria listed above during DOT Week 2021. They will examine a driver’s hours-of-service documentation. Plus, they’ll look at seat belt usage and operating credentials. Inspectors also check for alcohol and drug impairment. Say that there are any driver-related out-of-service conditions. The inspector will then place the driver out of service through the FMCSA. You do not want to experience this outcome during the DOT 72-hour inspection in 2021. How to get a TEXAS Dot Number?

How to pass DOT drug test. Keep in mind that DOT Week 2021 might function in a different manner than DOT Week 2020. The CVSA could have new policies in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trucks transporting COVID-19 vaccine shipments will not get held up for inspection. Unless, of course, there is a serious CVSA or FMCSA violation. Speaking of the FMCSA, it takes part in all CVSA road checks. That’s reason enough to focus on adhering to all FMCSA policies. Let’s now go over some other important upcoming DOT-related events for 2021. How to obtain an MC Number?

Operation Safe Driver Week

Have a look at New York Highway Use Tax Registration. Operation Safe Driver Week for 2021 will occur July 11 - 17, 2021. This time frame is essential. US law enforcement agencies will have heightened traffic safety enforcement. Why? To combat unsafe driving behavior. This refers to both commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles (vehicles and drivers). Carriers and drivers must both start preparing for this crucial week. Expect DOT driver roadside inspections to take place. DOT inspectors and officers will also focus on safety belt enforcement. When to Update Your MCS-150?

Brake Safety Week

How do you request a DOT PIN? The Brake Safety Week blitz will occur August 22 - 28, 2021. This is part of a massive safety enforcement campaign. CMV inspectors will perform a series of brake system inspections. (These serve as Level IV Inspections.) All large trucks and buses in the US can be inspected during this period. DOT inspectors will look for brake-system violations and out-of-adjustment brakes. This is part of the DOT and FMCSA's desire to improve vehicle brake safety across the US. Check the New DOT Authority Package .

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One-Day Brake Safety Enforcement

DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement meaning. An unannounced break safety enforcement day might occur at any time in 2021. That is when CMV inspectors will perform many brake system inspections. Most of these will be Level IV Inspections for a large truck or bus. DOT and FMCSA inspectors will look for any brake-system violations. They will also try to search for out-of-adjustment brakes. Please check back with our organization when we have more information. Check out the Motor Carrier Authority.

We Can Perform Mock DOT & FMCSA Audits for You

What is the DOT SAP program? If you want to stay on top of the DOT blitz, you've got to have a game plan. And that’s where our company comes into play. We can help you perform a mock DOT or FMCSA audit anytime. A mock audit will help you make sure that you follow all FMCSA rules. Our team can assess your drivers to ensure they're compliant with DOT. This way, you can send them out on the road with confidence. Our DOT mock audits have developed a national reputation. They help ensure that every trucking company can operate with confidence. Our team will prepare you for all sorts of FMCSA inspections and audits. What is the FMCSA 30-minute break rule?

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We begin the DOT mock audit process by sending out a specialist. The specialist will conduct the audit in the same manner as a DOT officer. The mission of our DOT audits is to get you ready for all surprise roadside inspections. Plus, DOT mock audits can also prepare you for actual DOT audits in the future. Our goal is to keep your trucking company compliant and safer. We can do so by using the best resources, and supply chain in the trucking industry. If you’d like to learn more about DOT mock audits, please call us right now. Learn here about USDOT vs MC Number Validation.

Prepare for the DOT Week 2021 Blitz Right Now

If you have questions about the 2021 International Roadcheck, please get in touch with our experts. Remember that the NAS International Roadcheck will begin with a level I inspection. That inspection features 37 steps. The steps are divided into two categories. First, you've got driver operating requirements. The second category focuses on vehicle mechanical fitness. Remember that dangerous goods sometimes get included in Level I.

Inspectors might also conduct a Level II inspection. It will focus on walking around the vehicle. Then you've got the Level III inspection. It concentrates on the driver and his or her credentials. It might also deal with certain administrative information. The Level IV inspection is vehicle-only. Driver Qualification Files checklist. What is IRP?

Do you know Remember, there is a particular category focus during each DOT blitz? This year’s Roadcheck blitz focuses on light and HOS violations. HOS stands for hours of service. The DOT and FMCSA view HOS inspections as crucial. That’s because they keep tired drivers off the road. HOS rules dictate when truck drivers can operate and rest between shifts. Expect Roadcheck 2021 to focus on these issues.

Contact Us To Learn More About DOT Week 2021

Do you want to learn more about DOT Week 2021? If so, do not hesitate to contact our company. We can supply more information to get you prepared. Plus, our team can provide FMCSA and DOT resources. These resources can help you stay on top of all compliance issues. We can also provide 72-hour DOT inspection dates in 2021. Our experts look forward to helping you maintain 110 percent authority at all times. What are Unified Carrier Registration and UCR filing?

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