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Farm Exemptions

Written by Nick Webster

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 1:40 p.m.


Exemptions for Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drivers that operate vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds must secure CDLs. This means that the drivers are subject to drug and alcohol testing requirements. You can find the testing rules within Regulation Part 382.

Farmers are exempt from adhering to CDL regulations.

So, what does this policy mean? It means farmers also have an exemption for drug and alcohol testing. But say a farmer drives over a 150-mile radius and goes into another state. That farmer must get a CDL. Plus, he or she has to follow all drug and alcohol testing regulations. Do you have MVR or driver questions? If so, we can help. Please call our FMCSA experts right now. Also, check how to get a California DOT number.

DOT Driver Qualification Files & Physical Examinations

Farmers have exemptions from every requirement listed within Regulation Part 391. But there is one exception. Farmers cannot use handheld devices or engage in texting while driving. This applies to operating any vehicle. Farmers must adhere to medical evaluation rules and the certification requirement. How do I get a USDOT number?

The Basics of Farm Exemptions

Many of our customers submit questions to us about farm exemptions. That’s why our FMCSA and DOT experts created this article. It covers all the basics of this crucial topic.

You can call us with further questions once you read the page.

Or, you can always send an email or message us on our website. Now, let’s jump right in and review the basics of farm exemptions. Check out the BOC-3 Filing. Must visit DOT Authority Package.

What Is a CFV: Covered Farm Vehicle?

Let’s define a covered farm vehicle (CFV) based on the FMCSA definition. After all, many of our customers ask us the following question. "What is a farm truck license plate?" A CFV gets registered in any state using a license plate. This refers to farm plate restrictions. The license plate recognizes the vehicle as an official farm vehicle. It is operated by an owner-operator based at a farm. Or, an employee of the owner-operator can drive the vehicle. (A family member also can use a CFV.) A CFV will transport agricultural livestock or products. The vehicle can also transport supplies and farm machinery. Transportation takes place to or from any farm in the US. A CFV is not used when for-hire motor carrier operations apply. The vehicle also doesn’t transport hazardous materials that need placarding. Check out the Motor Carrier Authority.

Do you need the FMCSA’s official definition of a covered farm vehicle?

You can find it in Part 390.5 of the FMCSA regulations. What is the benefit of farm plates? They ensure that a vehicle complies with DOT and FMCSA rules. Some states might have unique farm plate regulations. For example, Ohio farm plate regulations are different than those of Texas. Say that a vehicle operated by a farmer conforms with the above FMCSA CFV description. And say that the farmer stays within 150 air miles of his or her farm. (That is where the vehicle must belong.) If a farmer meets both conditions, he or she stays exempt from the regulations below. Contact us today for UCR filing.

Hours of Service & ELD Exemptions

Most farmers stay exempt from tons of FMCSA hours of service requirements. You can find these rules and guidelines in FMCSA regulation Part 395. It includes rules for maintaining detailed paper logs. It also features FMCSA guidelines about the upcoming ELD mandate. You might want to read the ELD Hours-of-Service & Agricultural Exemptions. It provides a complete list of FMCSA exemptions and details about ELD policies. Visit MC Number.

Try to keep the following FMCSA ELD rules in mind.

Say that a driver goes farther than the 150-mile radius. The driver has to maintain paper logs. Your truck won’t need an ELD as long as this isn’t a consistent occurrence. This means you can't cross the radius more than eight days out of 30 total days. Here is an example. Let’s say a farmer travels 300 miles twice every month. The farmer has gone beyond a 150-mile radius. He or she has done so for four days out of one month. The farmer must maintain paper logs during trips like these. But the farmer is NOT required to place an ELD onto the vehicle. Visit MCS-150.

Exemptions for the CDL

Let’s go over farmers' CDL requirements by the FMCSA. "Can you drive a farm truck without a license?" That’s a question that we often receive from our customers. So, let’s answer it right now. FMCSA rules and regulations for a CDL refer to Regulation Part 383. It requires CDLs when an operated vehicle weighs more than 26,001 pounds.

However, most farmers do not have to secure a CDL.

That’s the case if farmers do not travel more than 150 air miles. Farmers also cannot drive a vehicle out of the state where the farm vehicle is based. These rules refer to the FMCSA CDL exemption for farmers. Check DOT Week 2024. How to get an IFTA Sticker?

Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance, & Repair

Farmers have exemptions from every requirement listed in Regulation Part 396. But it’s still best to ensure that every operated farm vehicle is safe. Otherwise, an accident on the road could take place. The key is to perform consistent inspections. Then, each farm can make repairs when needed. Please get in touch with us if you have questions about inspection and maintenance. Must visit Starting a Trucking Company Package.

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Questions About FMCSA & DOT Exemptions for Farmers? Contact Us Now

Get FMCSA Trucking Authority, MC Number. Check out the basics of MC Number Insurance Requirements. Do you have questions about rules, regulations, and exemptions for farmers? If so, please call, email, or message us right now. Our experts have a wealth of FMCSA and DOT experience. They can help you find solutions to any problem related to farm vehicles. If we can’t answer, one of our experts will return your call ASAP.

FMCSA Registration LLC looks forward to serving as your go-to farm exemption resource. Check out DOT Audit.
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