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Get Your KYU Number & KYU Permit Today (Kentucky Weight Distance Tax Registration)

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Our organization is here to provide you with a KYU number and KYU permit. The KYU number functions as an official tax license. This license gets issued due to the Kentucky Weight Distance Tax.

Every motor carrier traveling through Kentucky becomes subject to the tax.

(As long as the carrier exceeds 59,999 pounds.) As of now, the tax computes to only $0.0285 cents per mile. This permit is a crucial tax license number for thousands of interstate carries. Check out DOT Authority Is Coming Your Way Right Now@

You do not want to risk traveling in Kentucky without the KYU number and permit.

A carrier could get fined into non-existence if you're pulled over. Or, the DOT and FMCSA could conduct an inspection that leads to massive fines. Registration LLC functions as a third party provider of KYU permits and numbers. Our trucking industry experts process hundreds of new KYU numbers each day.

We can take care of all other FMCSA and DOT trucking registration.

Our mission is to save you and your company time and money. Do you know The OP-1 form is crucial for carriers that need to secure FMCSA Operating Authority.

Do I Need a KYU Number?

Yes, if you plan on traveling through the state of Kentucky in a commercial vehicle. (Either private or for-hire.) You will need an active KYU number, as long as the GVWR exceeds 59,999 pounds. This is a crucial permit that will allow you to drive through Kentucky without penalties. Must visit What Happens When Driver Qualification Files Do Not Get Updated? Also, check out how our experts help you in DOT Number Deactivation.

A KYU number gets issued through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

It functions as a permanent weight distance tax license without year-by-year renewals. Kentucky does not mandate that you maintain a vehicle inventory for the KYU permit. But all trucks must get listed within the KYU number inventory. Then, trucks have to get added and deleted as your operations change. Keep in mind that you must submit quarterly returns to the KY state government. These returns get based on how many miles you travel within Kentucky. Check out BOC-3 Filing To Ensure Every Motor Carrier Gains Authority.

How Do I Get a KYU Number & KYU Permit?

All you have to do is call the Registration LLC team to get started. Or, you can click a link on this page to order your number and permit. You can receive a KYU number and permit in the same package.

But first, you have to have the following information ready to submit:

1. Active USDOT number information.

2. Completed UCR registration and information for every year of operation.

3. Full-scale information for each truck, including the license plate numbers.

Do not panic if you do not have this information on-hand.

The Registration LLC team can help you find what you're looking for. Also, say that you do not have an active USDOT number or UCR registration. Our organization can get you registered for both. All you have to do is call us and let us know your trucking registration needs. What is DOT Audit?

Keep in mind that the information above refers to getting a new KYU number.

Have you had a KYU permit and number in the past? If so, our team might need to contact the Kentucky tax division. This way, we can reinstate your old KYU number. You're also welcome to contact us if you need help getting a 10-day temporary permit. The time frame for our experts to provide you with your KYU number can vary.

Oftentimes, we can supply a customer with a number within 30 minutes.

But that can only happen if your UCR, MC, USDOT, and IFTA filings are active. Again, the 30-minute time frame is not a guarantee. Delays that are out of our control can sometimes take place. Check out 5 different types of Freight Contracts.

Why Should I Get My KYU Registration Taken Care of Through Registration LLC?

It’s very difficult to apply for the Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU) License through the state. That’s why thousands of carriers turn to the third-party services of Registration LLC . If you try to get the license on your own, you’ll have to set up an online state account. It’s called the Kentucky Online Gateway account. You’ll have to do this before you can even apply to receive a KYU number.

Many trucking professionals would rather skip the Kentucky Online Gateway step.

That’s why they turn to our organization. They know that we’re passionate about saving trucking professionals time and money. Must visit DOT Compliant Drug and Alcohol Program.
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Our duty is to make KYU registration simple and easy for truckers across the nation.

We know you don't want to waste hours filling out an online application. That’s why our organization can take care of your permit filing for you. Plus, the Kentucky state government takes 10-14 business days to process an application. But our registration team’s prepared to get your application processed faster.

More About The Kentucky KYU Permit & Number (Weight Distance)

KYU refers to an official state tax license. It gets provided to all carriers that travel across the Kentucky interstate. This refers to a combined license weight that exceeds 59,999 pounds. The current KYU tax rate is $0.0285 cents per mile.

Do you need to travel through Kentucky once but do not plan on making more trips?

If so, our trucking registration team can help you get a one-time temporary KYU Permit. You can receive this permit on a per-truck basis. But only get the permit if you know you won’t make consistent trips through the state. Are you in need of securing Broker Authority? If so, Registration LLC is here to help you get your Broker Authority today.

How Long Does It Take To Process a KYU Application?

FMCSA Registration is an independent, third party service provider. We file paperwork through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to get applications processed. Our goal is to get each KYU application processed ASAP. This way, you can get your number and permit issued on an almost-immediate basis. During KY state office hours, we can often get your license back within 1-3 hours.

This serves as a massive advantage for truckers and carriers across the US.

Why? Well, say that you apply for a KYU permit/number through the KYU website. You then will mail in your paper application. It will take 7-14 business days for KYU workers to process your application. That’s about two or three weeks of not getting to do interstate travel in Kentucky. As a result, you and your carrier could lose a lot of revenue. Know about When to Update Your MCS-150.

Through our services, we can give you a KYU permit and number much faster.

We cannot guarantee a specific time frame for providing you with a permit/number. But rest assured, our trucking professionals know all about the industry. They will go the extra mile to help you and your trucking company get on the road. Sometimes we can even provide a number and permit within 30 minutes.

Do you want to learn more about how long it will take to get your permit and number?

If so, you're welcome to call the Registration LLC team right now. Our experts can assess your DOT registration status and give you an estimate. How To Request the DOT PIN Number - Step by Step Guide.

Is IFTA the Same as a KYU Number?

No, the IFTA fuel tax is not the same as the terms of a KYU number. KYU only refers to the Kentucky Weight Distance Tax. It’s for fuel tax and surtax when operating an interstate vehicle in Kentucky. You cannot use your IFTA tax form to pay KYU fees. Why? Because IFTA is a different government fuel tax. It’s based on vehicle fuel consumed inside IFTA jurisdictions. An IFTA tax eligible vehicle weighs at least 26,00 pounds. And the IFTA vehicle has at least three axles, no matter the weight of the vehicle.

KYU functions only as a Kentucky highway usage tax.

This KY tax only gets based on the mileage of an interstate vehicle in Kentucky. KYU vehicles must weigh over 59,999 pounds. So, let’s say that your vehicle weighs over 59,9999 pounds. And you travel across the interstate in Kentucky. This means you must pay both the IFTA fuel tax and the KYU fees.

What Do I Need To Have Before I Can Use an Active KYU Number?

There are a few factors that your carrier must take care of before getting an active number. The first step is for your USDOT number to list you as an interstate carrier. Are you operating as a for-hire interstate carrier? If so, you will need to have an active MC Number.

The final step is to have current UCR registration at your business.

(This refers to Unified Carrier Registration.) Please call Registration LLC if you need help with any of these steps. Our trucking experts specialize in all types of FMCSA and DOT registration. We’ll get you registered fast so that you can secure an active KYU number ASAP. What are the Top 3 DOT Violations .

What Do I Do Once I have an Active KYU Permit & Number?

After you're issued a KYU number, you must file quarterly KYU taxes. Try to do so before each deadline. Otherwise, your carrier license could lose good standing. These reports must get submitted before the last day of the month each quarter.

You can file the KYU tax reports on your own.

Or, the Registration LLC team can do so on your behalf. We will charge a small service fee if we file KYU reports for you. What Is the MCS-90 & How Does It Affect the Trucking Insurance of Motor Carriers?

The Clock Is Ticking: Order Your KYU Number & KYU Permit Today

You and your interstate carrier cannot afford to not have KY operating authority. That’s why it’s best to order your KYU number and permit right now. And you're on the best website for doing so. Registration LLC is ready to do all the paperwork on your behalf.

We can provide you with the number and permit faster than any other organization.

Kentucky state government offices have a reputation for operating in a slow manner. Well, our reputation’s the opposite. Every year, we help thousands of carriers receive active FMCSA and DOT registration. From UCR to MC Numbers to USDOT Numbers to the IFTA tax fuel. And we do so with accuracy and at lightning speed. No matter your specific registration needs, we’re going to get the job done. Our team looks forward to helping you and your trucking company succeed.