MC Number Insurance Requirements

Written by Keith Lore

Published on April 29, 2021, 4:39 p.m.

MC Number Insurance Requirements

Are you or your carrier trying to figure out MC Number insurance requirements? If so, you're not alone. Our organization helps countless motor carriers register with the DOT and FMCSA. And many carriers want to know insurance requirements related to a new MC Number.

You're welcome to call our organization with any questions about this topic.

You can do so at any time. Otherwise, let’s go over the basics of FMCSA insurance requirements. We’ll assess how MC Numbers relate to these rules and regulations.How to Prepare for a Compliance DOT Audit

FMCSA Insurance Filing Rules & Requirements

All carriers in the US must file an application with the FMCSA for Operating Authority. But that’s not all carriers should do to receive authority. They also must have certain legal and insurance process agent documents on file. Otherwise, the FMCSA cannot grant authority.

This process also applies to brokers and freight forwarders.

Exact requirements vary based on the information of every motor vehicles carrier. That’s why it’s best to call our organization for help. We can assess your unique needs and assist you in finding the best insurance policies. Must visit Motor Carrier Authority .

The FMCSA provides a list of pre-registration forms on its website.

The site features an explanation of the types of registrants for each form public liability. Keep the following information in mind if you're a first-time FMCSA applicant. You have to apply for authority using URS: the Unified Registration System. Current authorities can apply using OP related forms. The submission of cargo and liability insurance forms to the FMCSA is simple.

The easiest way to gain authority is to submit your insurance forms online.

But you're not the person who can submit the insurance documents. Only the home office of your insurance company can do so. They're responsible for furnishing your coverage. The FMCSA will never furnish any copies of your insurance documents. Check this also: Unified Carrier Registration, UCR filing .

How To File FMCSA Insurance Information

Let’s go over how to file your insurance information through the FMCSA. All FMCSA authority applicants should begin by contacting their insurance agents. This way, the applicants can request that required forms get filed on an immediate basis.

The process takes place as soon as a carrier secures a designated docket number.

Once you apply for authority, the FMCSA will publish a public notice of intention. (This refers to registering the applicant.) Then, the FMCSA must receive insurance filings within ninety days of publishing. Get International Fuel Tax Agreement Sticker (IFTA Sticker)

You can expect to receive a notification letter from the FMCSA once you file.

It will contain a docket number and the date of publication in the FMCSA Register. Make sure that the name and address of your business are correct. They should match what you submitted when filing for Operating Authority. Your insurance filing will get rejected if there’s no match to other FMCSA documents carrier safety administration fmcsa. Must visit Drug and Alcohol Program .

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The Process Insurance Companies Use To File Insurance Information Through the FMCSA

The insurance company of a carrier should submit one of the following forms. It’s either a BMC-91, BMC-91X, BMC-34, or a BMC-84. Financial institutions must file a BMC-85. This also refers to insurance companies that file their insurance forms online. Say that the insurance company of your trucking company is filing online. That means it needs to create an online filer account with the FMCSA. Then, the insurance company can communicate with the FMCSA one-on-one. Check about DOT Authority Package .

Your insurance company might need to email a request to the FMCSA Insurance Team.

If so, the company should go through the standard submission process. You can view that process on the official FMCSA website. Or, you can contact our organization for more information. Say that your insurance company sends a request for a filer account. The request should state what kind of coverage you carrier needs. There’s BIPD, Cargo, Surety Bond, and Trust Fund coverage. The insurance company should list other information like the office and billing address. How To Pass Dot Drug Test ?

Checking Your Insurance Status Through the FMCSA

The FMCSA recommends using the QCMobile app. Carriers can use it to verify the status of Operating Authority and the USDOT Numbers. In most cases, you can also use it to check your insurance status with the FMCSA. This new app somewhat replaces the outdated automated phone system. Many trucking companies love that they can access USDOT Number status information.

Get Authority to Operate With an MC Number

If a carrier wants the authority to operate, then it must secure an MC Number. Our organization helps countless carriers get MC Numbers every week. If you're in need of a number with MC status, please contact us right now. The number (MC) serves as your ticket toward having interstate Operating Authority. But you also need a DOT Number to receive that authority too. Almost all companies that transport commodities across the interstate need these numbers. Take a look at Driver Qualification Files .

An MC, FF, or MX Number gets supplied by the FMCSA.

The number that you receive will grant you a certain amount of authority. Getting a USDOT Number is a different process than getting an MC Number. That’s why many carriers buy our trucking packages . Our packages can provide you with complete FMCSA registration at once. This way, you won’t have to spend many hours trying to get an MC and DOT Number.

Apply for New Authority Using URS: Unified Registration System

First-time authority applicants should use the FMCSA’s URS process to register. These are applicants that haven’t registered with the FMCSA before. The applicants also have not gotten a USDOT Number . Say that you go to the URS website.

It will contain a section about trucking insurance requirements.

This way, you can go step by step to secure an MC and USDOT Number. Are you not a first-time applicant for FMCSA Operating Authority? If so, you can use the FMCSA’s online legacy registration system. How to get Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit ?

Activating Your MC Number Once You Meet Insurance Requirements

This takes place once you've filed an application for Operating Authority. Then, you can receive either an MC, FF, or Broker Authority Number. Of course, this will only happen if you meet FMCSA insurance requirements. Activating your authority cannot happen unless you have the right insurance. You’ll also need to have a BOC-3 on file through the FMCSA. This must happen within 90 days of getting your new number with MC status.

Say that you have the right trucking related insurance and also have a BOC-3 on file.

The FMCSA will take about four to five weeks to activate your authority. But don't panic on how to activate the authority or your MC Number. The FMCSA will walk you through the process. It will provide a PIN Number to help you activate your MC Number and Operating Authority. Please let our organization know if you need help with BOC-3 registration. We can do more than help you secure a BOC-3. Our organization can assist you in locating a process agent in every state. Also visit Starting a Trucking Company Package

What’s the Minimum Insurance Needed To Get Operating Authority?

Once you get your trucking authority number, you must go over insurance requirements. The FMCSA has certain rules in place that apply to commercial truck quotes insurance quotes. The FMCSA will grant you a two week grace period. That period begins once you get your trucking authority number.

This is when carriers secure primary liability insurance and cargo insurance.

Most insurers advise to take out a primary liability policy worth over $1,000,000. They also recommend using a cargo policy worth more than $100,000. Do not delay securing insurance. And also do not delay providing the FMCSA with insurance policy information. Otherwise, the FMCSA will cancel your authority application. How to get Texas DOT Number .

Contact Us To Get an MC Number & Take Care of Trucking Insurance Filings

Our organization can assist you with any step toward securing trucking authority. From getting an MC Number ASAP to finding the right trucking insurance. All you've got to do is give our trucking authority experts a call right now. Within minutes, they can assess your information and help you find the right solution. Also visit MCS-150 .

Remember- one minor error on a filing can get your application rejected.

This applies to both FMCSA and DOT document filings. That’s why it’s best to leave the complicated paperwork to the professionals. We’ll take care of all your FMCSA registration at a low price you won’t find anywhere else. Call us right now and our agents will get right to work on helping you succeed. Our team will do more than only get you an MC or DOT Number. They can help you complete any DOT or FMCSA filing process. What Is IRP or Apportioned Registration.