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MCP Number

Written by Nick Webster

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 2:03 p.m.


Our organization is standing by to provide you with an MCP number.

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This number refers to the official State Motor Carrier Permit in California. The permit is crucial for CA drivers transporting all sorts of property. Plus, this number is also for people operating large commercial vehicles. Even drivers transporting hazardous material depend on the permit. Check BOC-3 process. Check out The Basics of Farm Exemptions .

Do you have a CDL (commercial driver license) in California?

If so, there's a strong chance that you must secure an MCP permit. The permit will provide proof of your DMV California Carrier Identification. Please give us a call right if you have any questions about the State Motor Carrier Permit. You can also order your permit over the phone.

What Are Motor Carrier Permits (MCP)?

Each MCP has a serious purpose. It is to show proof of a DMV CA Number related to each motor carrier. An MCP provides validation that a motor carrier meets all state regulations. Plus, each MCP also provides proof of trucking insurance. This way, a business can operate its commercial motor vehicles. The operating process refers to intrastate travel in California.

An MCP features specific information about every motor carrier.

It includes the name, DOT number, and mailing address of a carrier. The permit also features the CA # and expiration/effective registration dates. Every carrier has to apply for an MCP before starting operations in California. Otherwise, a motor carrier cannot operate within California roadways. Every MCP term will last a total of twelve months.

A term starts on a first day within each month of a permit application.

The permit term then expires on the last day of the twelfth month. Learn about Covered Farm Vehicle Exemption.

What Happens if I’m Operating Without an MCP?

Say that a driver operates as a motor carrier of property in California. But the driver’s operating without MCP registration. Then, the driver gets pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. That driver will receive a misdemeanor. The fine can reach $2,500.

Imprisonment in a county jail could also take place for up to three months.

Chances are, the CHP will also impound the vehicle of the driver. As you can see, it is crucial for you to secure an MCP carrier number. For more information read about it Full Motor Carrier Authority

FMCSA Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing

Let’s say that you decide to get an MCP (Motor Carrier Permit). The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) will issue an official policy. The policy enforces compliance through CSAT.

The term “CSAT” refers to the Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Program.

Every trucking and transportation business owner must adhere to CSAT policies. The purpose is to make sure that all drivers go through an official FMCSA program.

Each driver has to complete an FMCSA rehabilitation and return to work program.

This program is for all owner-operators operating within California state lines. A driver will take a urine sample test through a drug testing program. Plus, there is a breath test for alcohol. Sometimes the FMCSA and DOT will also apply random drug and alcohol testing.

Please contact our organization for more information about this FMCSA program.

There are many drugs classified as controlled substances with the FMCSA. CDL drivers cannot drink alcohol within four hours of operating a vehicle. Check out MCS-150 .

What Types of Drivers Need a Permit?

Let’s now go over which drivers need a permit and number for the MCP. The permit/number is for any business or person that gets paid to move property. The MCP applies no matter the weight, type, and size of a vehicle. Does your business transport property for compensation? If so, it functions as a for-hire motor carrier. Almost all for-hire motor carriers in California need the number. Even a motorcycle providing courier service must use a number/permit. Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended.

Say that your commercial vehicle weighs more than 10,001 pounds.

This means you must get the number/permit to operate within California. The state policy applies whether a vehicle’s for private or commercial use. A private motor carrier transports goods and property for personal use. The MCP is also for California operators of hazardous materials. Many truck-trailer combinations in the state also need to have the number/permit. Are you still unsure if you need a permit? If so, please give the team a phone call right now.

Apply for an MCP Through Our Organization

Our organization is standing by to help you get an MCP today. Remember, this crucial number is for all new carriers. A new carrier has to apply for an MCP before any operations can take place. Through our services, we can begin your permit registration process right now. This way, you can save tons of time by avoiding complicated paperwork.

You're welcome to call us now to begin the number registration process.

Or, you can order the permit right here on our website. Keep in mind that our team can also take care of all your other trucking registration. From an MC number to a CA number to a DOT number. We look forward to helping you secure a permit to operate in California ASAP. Tips to prepare for 2022 DOT Week

We Can Help You Modify Your MCP

Do you need to make changes to your MCP registration? If so, our team’s standing by to help you out. We provide you with a Motor Carrier Permit Notice of Change registration. This registration can resolve many permit and number issues. From making a name change to updating your phone number or address. Plus, this state registration is great for deleting or adding a DBA name.

Say that your business entity status changes.

You have to secure a new CA Number through the CHP. This way, you can file a new MCP application. Our organization’s experts can guide you through this entire process. As a result, you can operate your vehicle with a new number and permit right away. We encourage you to call us right now to get the help that you need. What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement?

MC Number Registration (Federal Permit)

Sure, our organization provides state trucking registration in California and all states. But we also specialize in federal permit registration, like getting an MC number. So, what is an MC number? It functions as an official Federal Motor Carrier number. This crucial number permits vehicles to cross state lines out of a home state. (The home state refers to where a DOT number gets registered.) With an MC number, a driver can transport interstate commerce in any state. MC registration functions as an official FMCSA operating authority. It's about website BOC-3 Filing

The operating authority of every driver matters.

It dictates the type of cargo a company can transport. Plus, it also provides guidelines for a type of operation that a business can run. Please contact us now if you need to secure interstate operating authority. Our team can provide you with an MC number and DOT number today. This way, you can begin operating as a for-hire carrier. Keep in mind that we will need to file proof of your liability insurance. Otherwise, the FMCSA cannot activate your MC registration.

We’re Standing By To Help You Withdraw Your MCP

Do you plan to stop your motor carrier permit operations? If so, the team is here to assist. Please call us right now for help withdrawing your MCP registration. Our experts can file a Voluntary Withdrawal Motor Carrier Permit form. The key is to take care of this before your permit expires. We can also take care of withdrawal through an MCP Renewal Application form. Visit on our website How to Obtain your MC

Our Team Is Here To Help You Succeed

You can depend on our organization to receive a motor carrier permit. We encourage you to call us to get your California motor carrier permit today. When you call, you can ask us, “what is MCP?” and any other questions. This way, you won’t have to complete a motor carrier permit lookup on Google. Having a DMV motor carrier permit is crucial. It’s one of the most important motor carrier permits in California. Some call it an MCP permit. Others call it an MC permit. Either way, our DMV MCP division is ready to help you succeed.

Our experts are ready to fill out your motor carrier permit application.

This way, you won’t have to do a CA MCP lookup for a CA MCP. We have an entire Motor carrier permit application division in our offices. That’s why we perform CA MCP lookup on behalf of our clients. As a result, you can receive a CA MCP right away. Our motor carrier permit California team is in a class of its own. We can draft all MCP full form in automobiles documents.

Think of us as your go-to source for MCP lookup.

We’re also standing by to provide DMV 65 MCP registration. is your one-stop shop for motor carrier permit California lookup. Again, feel free to contact us with any questions. You can even begin your phone call with, “what is a motor carrier permit?” Our team cannot wait to assist you and answer your questions.

Do You Need an MCP Number? Contact Us Now

If you need a CA motor carrier permit, our organization can supply it ASAP. We process MCP application after MCP application every day. Through our services, you will not need a DMV motor carrier permit lookup. Or, a DMV MCP lookup. Instead, our team can file all your trucking registration. This includes the DMV 65 MCP form. Visit on our website Driver Qualification Files

Again, we encourage you to call us with any questions about getting a permit.

Here is an example. You can ask, “how do I add a vehicle to my DOT number?” Or, “what is an MCP?” You might also wonder about other registration like, “does a BOC-3 expire?” Our California motor carrier lookup services are in a league of their own. If you're a California motor carrier, you can depend on us. We look forward to taking care of your MCP registration needs today.Visit on link New DOT Authority Package

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