Reasons To File a DOT Number Application

Written by Frank Balbuena Published on May 6, 2021, 12:24 p.m.

4 Reasons To File a DOT Number Application

Keeping up with DOT regulations is no easy task. Even the biggest trucking companies in the nation struggle to adhere to DOT rules. But do not despair. FMCSA Registration LLC is here to help you every step of the way. We specialize in all aspects of DOT compliance. Feel free to contact our registration team with any questions. Our experts are one phone call away from assisting you at all times. Check out BOC-3.

Are you starting a trucking company? If so, your path to success begins with a DOT Number application. Listed below are four reasons to file an application ASAP. First, let’s go over the basics of what a DOT Number is. Also, visit MC Number.

What Is a DOT (or USDOT) Number?

Think of a DOT Number as a unique identification number. A DOT and USDOT Number refer to the exact same number. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) issues each number. Why? So that the FMCSA can monitor the safety record of every trucking company. Plus, the government can track information gathered from audits and inspections. Also, check how to get the TEXAS dot number.

Who Needs a USDOT Number & Registration With the FMCSA?

So, who must secure an active USDOT Number and get registered with the FMCSA? Almost any company operates interstate commercial vehicles. The vehicles can transport either cargo or passengers. Even hazardous material carriers with cargo must get a USDOT Number. They also need FMCSA registration and a safety permit. What is the Motor Carrier Authority?

Does getting a USDOT Number sound complicated? Don't worry. The mission of our organization is to make FMCSA and DOT registration simple. You're welcome to call us with any questions that you have about the process. In the meantime, let’s go over four reasons why you should file a DOT Number application. Read about Starting a Trucking Company Package.

Reason #1: It’s the Law To Have a DOT Number

Almost anyone involved in the trucking industry must have an active USDOT Number. So, how do you know if you need the number? It’s simple. You must work in interstate commerce. Then, you must meet one of the following DOT qualifications:

-The gross combination weight/gross vehicle weight exceeds 10,001 pounds.

-Your vehicle carries more than eight passengers for compensation. (This includes the driver.)

-Your vehicle carries more than fifteen passengers even if there is no compensation. (This includes the driver.)

-The vehicle gets used to transport hazardous materials. (This refers to transport material that the Secretary of Transportation deems hazardous.)

Do you meet one of these qualifications? If so, US federal law demands that you secure an active DOT Number. In fact, many states have laws requiring trucking companies to get DOT Numbers. That’s why you should stay up-to-date about state and local DOT compliance. Check out Driver Qualification Files.

Reason #2: You’ll Protect the Safety of US Roadways by Having a DOT Number

One purpose of a USDOT Number is to ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers. In fact, the government uses each DOT Number to track the safety record of a company. It also uses the number for compliance reviews and crash investigations. Even the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing safety measures focus on every USDOT Number. You can expect DOT compliance measures to feel restrictive when starting a company. But keep in mind that the program and policies will help keep you safe. Visit DOT Authority Package.

Reason #3: You Can Legitimize Your Business Once You Have a DOT Number

Having a USDOT Number is about more than safety and compliance. It’s also about customers and other companies realizing that you're trustworthy. Displaying a number will prove your carrier puts effort into having safe operations. This way, you can portray your business as legitimate and responsible. Doing so can help your company make more money over time. Also, visit UCR registration.

Reason #4: The DOT Number Registration Process Has Never Been Easier

Do not listen to those who tell you that getting a DOT Number is next to impossible. Sure, it takes some paperwork and concentration, but you're not alone when registering. Thousands of US carriers now secure their USDOT Numbers through our organization. Our registration experts can get you or your carrier a DOT Number in no time. All you've got to do is contact our organization and tell us your registration needs. We’ll then put you on the fast track toward having a new USDOT Number ASAP. What is MCS-150?

We’re Ready To Help You File a DOT Number Application Right Now

Our experts understand how frustrating it can feel to navigate DOT compliance. But that’s why our organization exists. At FMCSA Registration LLC, we have one simple goal. It’s to put carriers on the right road to success and keep them there. You’re one phone call away from receiving help at every turn. This way, your carrier can stay on top of all DOT regulations. What is IRP?

FMCSA Registration Trucking . We’re ready to fill out and submit a DOT Number application on your behalf at any moment. We'll help ensure that you adhere to every federal regulation by the DOT and FMCSA. Our compliance experts will go the extra mile to get to know your business. They won’t rest until you get all compliance requirements in place. Next thing you know, you can hit the road with 100 percent authority. We look forward to helping you and your trucking company succeed. Visit Trucking Authority Packages.

Reasons To File a DOT Number Application