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  • Legally establish your trucking company | Press yellow button

  • Paperwork, and forms with package are provided after signing up

  • On average Truck Owner Operator Salary is $112,717

  • After getting licensed Find loads and grow your business

Starting a Trucking Company? Package #3 Can Get You Started

Do you plan on starting a trucking company ? If you do, Registration LLC’s Package #3 is the ideal solution to get started. Attempting to start a trucking company is never simple and painless, right? WRONG! Starting a trucking business has never been easier. And that’s due to our state-of-the-art trucking packages. Our team will make the process simple for any new owner-operator. Registration LLC is the top destination for starting trucking companies.

Please read the benefits of Package #3 listed. We also answer a series of questions on how to start a trucking business. Of course, you're welcome to call our trucking experts at any moment. In the world of trucking, trucking business starts, understanding the distinction between Intrastate and Interstate CDL operations is crucial for trucking companies and truck drivers. It's imperative to comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement and follow best practices for financial success. 



All about the NY HUT; New York Highway Use Tax Registration . Taking on the role of owner-operator can make many people get stressed. A top mission of ours is to take away your worries. We’ll do so by knocking out all your registration needs. Package #3 will provide you with a new MC Number and BOC-3 . The package also takes care of US DOT registration . But that’s not all that this package does for owner-operators. It also will complete the UCR registration process. UCR refers to the Unified Carrier Registration program. These FMCSA registration documents are crucial. They must get completed to transition over to official owner-operator status. Do not panic if you struggle to understand how to start a trucking company. All you've got to do is call Registration LLC. Our trucking team will provide the help you need to succeed . Importance of The FMCSA 30-Minute Break Rule .




Package #3 Provides Critical Registration when You're Starting

Package #3 Provides Critical Registration when You're Starting

What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement ? There’s no way around it. Trucking companies have to complete FMCSA registration . Otherwise, the US federal government will hand out fines and penalties. Registration LLC’s Package #3 can prevent that from happening. It’s designed to help your new trucking company register fast. Next thing you know, you’ll open the doors of your new trucking business. Your state or location does not matter to us. Our team will help you get your company started right now. Whether you're an independent trucker or a business entity, set up a trucking business, trucking business startup, trucking business starts, leasing a truck, opening a trucking company and obtaining the necessary licenses, opening a trucking company, including a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), is key. Proper compliance, business startup, run a trucking company, adherence to the IRP and IFTA regulations, and managing fuel usage all contribute to higher profits in the competitive freight industry. Truckstops, brokers, trucking business startup, and trucking companies alike rely on a sound investment strategy to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of long-haul transportation.



Get International Fuel Tax Agreement Sticker (IFTA Sticker) Working as an owner-operator carries a lot of responsibilities. No one can afford to waste time figuring out how to file their documents. Many carriers have realized this. New business after new business in every state now turns to our organization. They know that we can help every trucking company succeed. We can help out both a new company and a big-time truck company. Please keep reading to discover the FMCSA registration that Package #3 secures. Read about MCS-150 Filing.

Use a New US DOT Number To Start Your Trucking Company

Use a New US DOT Number To Start Your Trucking Company

You know about DOT SAP Program ? The FMCSA is serious when it comes to registration enforcement. Every trucking company starting out has to get a US DOT Number . There are no exceptions. It makes no difference what state you're operating in. The number recognizes each business when the DOT does audits and investigations. But that’s not the only reason to get a US DOT Number through Package #3. You’ll need an active US DOT Number whenever DOT inspections happen. The DOT inspections take place at both the federal and state levels. Having a USDOT Number is crucial when starting a trucking company. Package #3 can get you that number for your new company at any moment. Also check out Texas DOT Number .





Start Your Trucking Business With an MC Number

Start Your Trucking Business With an MC Number

Having an MC Number is crucial for any new owner-operator. You cannot start a trucking company without one. MC refers to the FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Operating Authority . You might need to secure more than a single MC Number for a new company . This depends on many specifics related to your trucking business. It also refers to various state-specific laws. You can call us and we’ll assess your unique needs. Then, through Package #3, we’ll get your company up and running with an MC Number. When contemplating the structured decision of Intrastate versus Interstate CDL registration, business startup, your profit margin can be greatly affected. To protect your startup, opting for a s

tandard CDL is straightforward, run a trucking company,offering fewer FAQs and a secure b

usiness hub. This can help you find the right team and grow your trucking business outright. Serving one truck or a larger fleet, quarterly decisions are vital to cut costs and secure a thriving operation.

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Great Services!

FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

James Cameron

Owner of a moving company

My organization has been securing DOT Numbers, MC Numbers, UCR Registration, and all other FMCSA requirements from FMCSA Registration LLC for well over a decade. Why? Their services are lightning-fast, their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to make sure that we maintain full compliance at all times. A+++.

Alicia Walker

Vice President of an interstate carrier

IFTA Fuel Decal on Your Truck? And Also IRP Credentials




What is IRP? It stands for International Registration Plan. IFTA is another abbreviation. It stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. Any trucking company that provides services across more than 1 state needs both. Having an IFTA decal is important. Each decal goes on every truck at a new trucking company. But here’s something to keep in mind.
Package #3 None of our trucking packages can assist a company in securing IRP and IFTA decals. That is a separate service unrelated to our standard packages.

Please contact us with questions about IRP and IFTA registration. also address your ELD tracking needs. Our team can sometimes provide ELD tracking services to customers. All you've got to do is let us know what you want in your freight vehicle package.


It’s important that a driver and his/her carrier should secure IFTA fuel tax registration. Why? Because IFTA fuel tax registration helps each truck driver stay on the road. Fuel tax registration relates to DOT and FMCSA compliance. But that’s not the only purpose of fuel tax registration. It also assists carriers when they factor costs come tax season. You must report correct fuel tax information to the US federal government. Do you need to learn more information about fuel taxes? If so, please call our experts at any time. Registration LLC has a simple mission. It’s to assist every customer in following each fuel and vehicle policy.



Our FMCSA Experts Can Help You Grow Your Trucking Business When You Start a Trucking Company



Do you know how to locate freight to transport? If not, you’ll need to when starting out your brand new trucking business. All new freight businesses deserve to gain access to US load boards. Why? So that they’ll find new customers. This way, all they need to do is search load to load every week. Here’s an action to take whenever you start creating a truck business. Work on building relationships with new trucking customers. The steps you can take to do so are simple. All it takes is some dedication to networking and marketing. Registration LLC is here to assist any new trucking company with this. Let us know if you struggle to find load boards. We’ll provide the help you need in no time. Our FMCSA experts can direct you to high-quality load boards.


Say that you want to learn how to connect with any local shipper. We’re here to teach your company new skills. This way, you can contact thousands of local and national shippers. But that’s not all our team can do when it comes to gaining business. Our team could assist a business in meeting potential customers. The key is to figure out where they do their trucking business. Call our experts if you’d like to learn more information. We can direct you to both small business trade shows and industry groups. Our team wants you to begin developing connections that will boost your business. Starting out this aggressively can help you start making profits ASAP.



Maintain DOT & FMCSA Compliance Through Package #3



Are you ready to operate your own trucking company? If so, we’ll help you stay up-to-date with DOT and FMCSA truck related documents. Our team can also help you create a winning filing process. This applies to addressing all time-sensitive DOT filing laws. Registration LLC knows the filing process better than any other organization. We’re ready to alert you about every single filing requirement. Package #3 will secure all the basic documents for your trucking company. 


Not filing on-time with the DOT or FMCSA carries severe penalties and fines. Your new trucking company might lose good standing fast. The DOT penalties your trucking business would face matter. They could wipe out your business for good. But there is a solution to this potential problem. You should stay compliant when it comes to your state’s filing policies. Our experts can help your company with registration right now. We want to ensure that every truck driver adheres to every DOT and FMCSA regulation. The goal of Package #3 is to help every truck driver maintain compliance. This way, when you start a new truck company, you can generate business fast. Check out DOT Authority Package.



Can You Make a Lot of Money When Starting a Trucking Company?



Know about Driver Qualification Files. Yes, the trucking business can generate a lot of money for many trucking business owners. Tons of new owner-operators realize they can generate profits fast. The average truck driver can also develop skills to make a lot of cash. But you've got to keep something in mind. Trucking functions as a very competitive industry. Countless truckers attempt to work in the business every year. Many of the truck business professionals end up failing. Do not let this scare you. Our organization is here to put you on the track toward success. Registration LLC helps out trucking industry company owners each day. Our team assists in making sure they can start, work on, and finish registering. This applies to all aspects of DOT and FMCSA registration. Do not assume that’s all we do for every trucking company. We also help every trucking company discover brand new business opportunities. Our experts can assist any trucking company that’s in need of revenue. If you are, please call our truck registration professionals at any moment.



How Much Money Can Trucking Company Owners Generate Per Week?



Tons of truck owner-operators profit a lot of cash per week and year. This also applies to the above-average truck driver. The average trucking company can net around $2,200 to $7,400 every week. So, what about a trucking business investor? He or she can generate around $400 to $3,500 each week. This applies to a per truck weekly basis. There are many factors affecting how much money trucking business owners make. You've got to take average market rates and expense values into account. Both of them vary week to week for any company. Each profit margin is dependent on the trucking business owner’s specific operations. Let our team know if you have questions about this subject. We can supply more information about how a vehicle driver can make money. Our mission is simple. Registration LLC strives to assist every truck owner in making money. We will also help any truck driver in the US.Visit How to Prepare for a Compliance DOT Audit.



How Can Someone Start a Trucking Business Using Only One Truck?



Here’s some good news. You can start a trucking company with only one truck in your business. Is this what you want to start doing? If so, it’s not that difficult. Plus, keep this concept in mind. The fewer trucks in your fleet, the less liability there is. Let’s go over steps to consider taking at the beginning of creating a new company. Here is step one. Start out by signing crucial trucking company forms. Why? So that your company can secure trucking authority. Then, locate a liability process agent. That’s so you can knock out your UCR registration. Then you can start getting truck liability insurance at a decent rate. Through ideal liability, you’ll then buy or lease trucks at your trucking company. It’s now time to select trailer equipment for all truck drivers. The final step involves completing IRP for your trucking company if you intend to go over state lines. IRP is an abbreviation for International Registration Plan and is not part of this package. All IRP and Ifta are seperate services, that you ask for from your support agent to accuritly give your vehicle grow weight.
Let us know if you have questions about IRP.



Do Truck Loads Pay a Decent Amount of Money?



Freight rates related to truck-loads change almost every single day. This means we should conduct a trucking company industry average. The average comes out to around $1.25 to $2.75 for every mile a truck drives. Different factors will raise or lower the payment total. Weight, number of drops, and the type of trailer and equipment matter. Every trucking business must calculate fees, routes, schedules, and rates. Do not panic if you're not exceeding your company’s goals. Try to keep working hard. You’ll start to experience high-quality business results in the future.



What’s the Name Behind Successful Trucking Companies? Registration LLC



Our organization is #1 for generating the success of countless trucking companies. Our team does more than assist every carrier with registration. We propel each trucking owner operator toward victory. Trucking carriers across the country depend on us. They know that Registration LLC’s customer service goes the extra mile. Trucking businesses can call us about any subject. From financing rates to creating a new, smart trucking business strategy. (Feel free to contact us about our financing related to trucking packages.) Our team can also ensure a business can get prepared for tax season. When it comes to tax, we can help a business with fuel tax registration filings. Find out more about fuel tax in the IFTA section. Our team understands that you need to get business results. You must ensure drivers move freight from state to state. Well, we’re also here to get you connected to all sorts of freight brokers. Through our services, your business can haul freight with ease.


Please call Registration LLC at any moment. We’re ready to supply any type of trucking help. The needs of your carrier can get addressed fast. Our team recognizes how stressful it feels to get a new company going. Well, our team can assist you in generating the best strategy. We’ll even help you set up a corporation. Plus, we’re total pros when it comes to creating a business plan. You're one phone call away from sharpening your skillset as an owner-operator. You can call us about any subject- not only to find out about rates. What is DOT Compliant Drug and Alcohol Program


Our mission is simple. We strive to make every startup succeed. This way, they can transport freight from state to state with ease. We want our customers to create the capital per month that they deserve. Carriers cannot let the capital and costs scare them away. Working as a business owner isn’t the risk that you might think it is. Our organization can prove why that’s the case to you right now. Our team is passionate about guiding shippers to new heights. We have the determination to execute any DOT and FMCSA process. You want your drivers to move load after load with ease. And so do our experts. Your state or location does not matter to us. We’re ready to get any job done for you right now. How to get California DOT number?





We Fuel Every Trucking Business on the Road to Victory



Any freight driver needs more than fuel. A freight driver also needs someone to guide them toward trucking success. That’s where our company thrives. Registration LLC serves as the fuel powering trucking companies. We’ve served that role for well over a decade. Our experts fuel vehicle transportation companies to victory. And they do so every single day. It does not matter what state or location you're in. We’re here to assist every customer and help them make more money. Our team will help even if an owner’s starting a new LLC. We’ve assisted startup after startup across the United States. We’ll even help you if there’s only one single vehicle in your fleet. Our team uses a one-of-a-kind business plan. The plan focuses on helping each freight company achieve success. Every package we provide assists companies in reducing liability. Plus, the packages can help out for saving costs. In fact, you might even save fuel costs through our patented strategies. Our experts won’t rest unless every company owner achieves lasting success. Tips to prepare for 2021 DOT Week


Our team assists carriers that have any size of the fleet. They need rates and costs that will keep them in business. We’re always upfront about factoring the costs of trucking packages. Our team also takes care of factoring rates and costs at low figures. We recognize how hard it seems to create capital at a startup. Our experts will keep rates and costs low, no matter what. Why? So that a new LLC owner can thrive. He or she won’t need to break any lease (or the bank). Do not get stressed when it comes to shipping any form of freight load. Yes, unexpected costs will come up for any owner-operator. Through our trucking packages, you’ll discover the best system to use. This way, you can manage your costs like a pro. Your drivers depend on fuel to move vehicles. Well, you can depend on us to empower your company. Thousands of freight carriers across the US look up to us. They realize our experts will go the extra mile. We won’t rest until you achieve the success that you deserve. How to get Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit?



When It Comes to Starter Packages, Package #3 Is the Industry Apex



How To Request the DOT PIN NumberLearn about Covered Farm Vehicle Exemption. We know how difficult it is to create a new freight LLC or startup. The trucking registration process never gets easy. Or does it? Carriers now find it easy thanks to our services. Package #3 is one of the top-rated freight packages in the country. It helps out carriers inside every state in the US. Companies enjoy how low our costs and rates are. They also love that we provide so many fleet registration benefits. Companies now move every load with ease thanks to our experts. Package #3 attends to all crucial registration documents. It covers all bases for DOT and FMCSA filing. This package also functions in compliance to every freight transportation law. Why does this matter? The package helps carriers get control over their liability each day. When you buy Package #3, expect excellent results. It provides so much more than a standard freight package. You’ll gain access to the industry apex of what new carriers depend on. Then, your trucking fleet can follow every FMCSA and DOT rule. What are Top 3 DOT Violations?



Contact Us Now With Questions Related To How You Can Start a Trucking Company



Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended.  We know it can seem overwhelming to become an owner-operator. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to start a trucking company. Forming any new company takes a lot of time and work. But don't assume that you must start from scratch. Our team will answer any questions when you call them. We have the best trucking professionals in the industry. They know how to create a new company with ease. Think of our packages as fuel. The packages fuel every vehicle driver toward operating in complete compliance. And you can get Package #3 from us today. Registration LLC exists to provide you with the truck resources you need. We cannot wait to help your new company succeed. Our team can help you out at the very start of your new trucking business. No matter what, we’re always here for you. How To Pass Dot Drug Test?


How Can I Market My Trucking Company To Find New Clients and Customers?


There are many strategies when it comes to marketing a trucking company. But never underestimate the power of word of mouth referrals. Getting referrals is an excellent marketing strategy that can pay off in the end. Say that your trucking business satisfies customers. Doing so will make them willing to promote your company. Customers can tell their business contacts, family, and friends about your brand. Plus, you can also ask for referrals on Facebook, Yelp, and Google Reviews.


Let’s say you create a website and social platforms for your trucking company. Do not put off asking for written company ratings and reviews. Doing so refers to the act of getting referrals from strangers. Then, potential clients will browse the reviews of your business. Each client can then decide to do business with your company. Plus, positive reviews can increase website rankings in search engines. This could lead to a major cash flow increase for your new small business.


What Are IRP Credentials and the IFTA Fuel Decal on a Truck?


“IRP” stands for the International Registration Plan. Meanwhile, “IFTA” refers to the International Fuel Tax Agreement. (Rember IRP & IFTA is allways an addition service and is not included in this packages terms and conditions). Both serve as government programs to collect fuel tax revenue. This process takes place between all states in the US and also Canada. Each program can benefit a motor carrier on thier differnt needs. That’s because the programs merge reporting and licensing requirements. This can make it easier for a carrier to operate out of its base state.


Through IRP, your trucking business will receive an apportioned license plate. The plate goes onto the power unit of a truck. You will also receive an apportioned cab card. It lists each state where you have vehicle registration for operating. With IFTA, you can secure a set of stickers/decals. These go onto the power unit of a truck at your company. Also, you will receive an IFTA license. Keep the license in the cab of your truck.


How Much Money Does It Cost To Start a Trucking Company?


The startup cost of a new US trucking company varies based on many funding factors. The cost can range anywhere from under $10,000 to well over $20,000. But this price range does not even include buying a commercial truck. Without question, trucks are very expensive. They can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $200,000. So, focus on buying a truck before you start factoring staffing at your company. The staffing process should only happen once you factor the trade of truck buying. Do not worry about staffing during the beginning of the planning phase. Instead, set up a trucking business, concentrate on your approach to funding.


It will take at least a decent investment to start operating a trucking company. Some other forms of business startups do not cost as much. The biggest expense is buying your first truck. Plus, you'll need to manage ongoing operating costs. These costs can eat the bottom line of a business if you're not careful. That is why some companies in the trucking industry have small profit margins. But you can have a solid profit margin as long as you make intelligent decisions. This starts by coming up with a business name. Startups and businesses should not operate without an effective name.


How Much Does an Owner Operator Truck Driver Make?


This is a common question that our company receives from many clients. Sure, you might have years of experience working as a company driver. But serving as the owner operator of a business carries different responsibilities. Those responsibilities can lead to a lot of cash flow. You're now doing much more than cruising in and out of lanes. As a result, you can take home more cash. An average owner operator in trucking makes about $144,00 per year. This figure’s based on statistics. But do not assume that you will make this much money at first. It takes time for shippers to get enough in payments to make money.


Owner operator income varies based on experience. Plus, the types of loads that a driver specializes in also matters. Point blank: the more time you spend on the road, the more money you will make. Keep in mind that the average owner/operator has to account for expenses. In fact, many owner operators only take home about $50,000 to $75,000 per year. That's why you must use insights to boost your cash flow at your business. Also, owner operators do not have any health insurance benefits. Insurance is an expense that must come out of pocket. Say that an injury takes place. You must get prepared to stay in legal compliance with the FMCSA. Otherwise, you will not have the ability to operate in the trucking industry.


How Much Does Insurance Cost for Semi-Trucks?


Here is the average cost of semi-truck insurance in the United States. It ranges from about $2,500 per year to over $5,000. This statistic applies to owner operators that lease through a motor carrier. Say that you're an owner operator with your own trucking authority. The insurance cost will increase to about $9,000 to $13,000 per vehicle. Please note that semi-truck policies have increased over the last few years. 

The exact cost of trucking insurance depends on many factors. These include the type of goods that you haul and how far you drive. The value of your truck is another factor. So, too, is the age of a driver and his or her CDL experience. Even credit history factors into the cost of transportation insurance. But do not even consider operating your truck without insurance. If that happens, both the DOT and FMCSA will come after your business.


More Information About the IFTA Fuel Decal on Trucks


Say that you secure an IFTA decal and license. Doing so should streamline the payment of fuel taxes to different jurisdictions. Now, let’s say that you're operating in more than two states. Your business could become subject to an IFTA license policy. Securing IFTA licensing on behalf of clients is a service of our organization. Please give us a call if you need help getting proper licensing because it seprate to this package.


Will Your Company Open a Business Bank Account and Hire Employees?


Remember to separate your personal expenses from your business expenses. Doing so can protect our personal assets if your business receives an IRS audit. Trust us. Having a business bank account matters. Using a banking account will make it simple for you to file all your business taxes. There is no alternative here. Almost every new company starts maintaining a specialized business bank account. So, to improve operations, start checking out offers from different banks.


Many US trucking businesses now use mobile bank accounts. Having a digital bank can make life easy for your new business. It can provide flexibility to manage money at any location. You can also connect business tools to an online or digital bank account. This can improve your day-to-day operations as a carrier. Factoring how to set up a critical digital bank account takes time. Please contact our organization for significant help when factoring bank issues. Our mission is to help your new operation gain equity ASAP. This way, you can become profitable as your business grows.


What Are the Standard Startup Costs for a First-Time Trucking Company?


Well, there is no simple answer to this question. That's because each new trucking company’s involved in a specific situation. The cost of starting a business will vary in each state. The type of freight or cargo that you plan to haul is another crucial factor. Even insurance coverage costs will vary based on what each business needs. A new trucking company owner should invest at least $10,000 at first. That is what you will need to start a small company with only one or two trucks.


Please give us a call if you have questions about the expenses of new trucking companies. We can help you find solutions and take the right steps. Remember, trucking’s competitive. It’s not always easy to find loads and make a profit. But that's where the insights of our organization can assist. We’re ready to provide you with more information about financing and planning. Our insights can help you establish a winning business plan. The key is to first look at industry trends before financing a business. Doing so will help you determine how to maintain a business and succeed.


We’re Standing By To Assist Your New Trucking Startup


Companies and customers from across the US depend on our services. We’re always here to provide learning options to every startup. This way, a business can understand the market and the financing involved. Of course, owning a trucking company leads to spending money. There are many expenses when factoring how to run a business entity. From credit to accounting to buying software to taking out a small business loan. But you're not in this alone. Our organization is here to benefit all owner-operators in trucking. We won't rest until your bank account can thrive with cash and assets. Please give our back-office team a call with any questions. We also encourage you to browse the FAQs for truckers on our website.
Starting a Trucking Company