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Trucker Lingo

Written by Nick Webster

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 1:45 p.m.


Trucker Lingo: Talk Like a Trucker Using Trucking Industry Lingo

Welcome to your new go-to guide for trucker lingo! to Start Trucking Company , It’s here to help ensure that you can use and understand all sorts of trucker slang. Trucker slang has been around for a long time. Movies like Black Dog, Convoy, Smokey, and the Bandit made it famous. But trucking slang is still as cool as it was decades ago. How To Request the DOT PIN Number - Step by Step Guide. What are the Top 3 DOT Violations?

So, are you ready to speak like a big-time, red-blooded trucker?

If so, try to remember all the phrases we’ve listed below. And make sure that you use them the next time you operate a CB radio! So, fill up your go-go juice, and let’s head down the big road together comply to with the Motor Carrier Authority . Do you know the OP-1 form is crucial for carriers who need to secure the FMCSA Operating Authority?

Common Trucker Lingo & Slang

What does breaker breaker 1-9 mean?

If you've ever watched a movie about truckers, chances are good that at some point, someone made the famous call of "breaker one nine!" This phrase is CB radio code for politely asking to break in on channel 19 - also known as the 'trucker' channel. Etiquette dictates this should be done before engaging other drivers in their conversation.

-“10-4” is CB radio trucker slang to state that a message got received or to say, “Okay.”

-“42” is slang truckers use for “okay” or “yes.”

-“All locked up” is lingo that a weigh station isn’t open.

-“Alligator” is trucker slang for referring to a blown tire sitting in the middle of the road.

-“Anteater” is slang for a Kenworth T-600.

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-“Bear” is common trucker slang for a state trooper or police officer.

-“Big road” and “big slab” are both terms that you can say instead of “interstate.”

-“Black eye” is trucker lingo that you or another trucker has a headlight out.

-“Bulldog” is slang for a Mack tractor.

-“Buster Brown” is slang in the trucking industry for any UPS truck.

-“Chicken coup” refers to any weigh station. Consider combining this term with “all locked up.”

-“Comedian” is slang for the median strip between opposing lanes of traffic. When to Update Your MCS-150

-“Double nickel” is slang for the process of driving 55 miles an hour.

-“Doubles” refers to slang in trucking for a set of double-trailers.

-“Got your ears on?” That’s a question to ask someone to ensure the person is listening.

-“Go-go juice” refers to slang for diesel fuel.

-“Jackpot” is lingo truckers use referring to patrol car lights.

-“Meat wagon” is trucker slang for an ambulance.

-“Reefer” is slang for a refrigerated van trailer.

-“Salt shaker” refers to any truck that salts US highways.

-“Skateboard” is slang for a flatbed trailer.

-“Smokin’ scooter” is trucker slang for a police officer who rides a motorcycle.

-“Taking pictures” is terminology referring to a police officer using a radar gun.

-“Toothpicks” refer to any loads of lumber.

-“Yardstick” is slang for a mile marker.

-“Hundred-mile coffee” is slang for robust coffee.

-“Travel agent” is slang for a dispatcher who assists truckers.

Names for Cities Using Trucker Slang & Lingo

-“A-Town” is common slang for Atlanta, Georgia.
-“B Town” is trucker lingo for Birmingham, Alabama.
-“Bean-Town” is common slang for Boston, Massachusetts.

-“Beer Town” is lingo for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

-“Big A” is slang for Amarillo, Texas.

-“Bright Lights” is trucker lingo for Kansas City, Kansas.
-“Choo-Choo” is slang for Chattanooga, Tennessee.

-“Cigar City” is lingo for Tampa, Florida.

-“Derby City” is slang for Louisville, Kentucky.
-“The Dome” refers to lingo for Houston, Texas.

-“Gateway” is trucker slang for St. Louis, Missouri.
-“Guitar” is lingo for Nashville, Tennessee.

-“Lost Wages” is trucking slang for Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s pretty obvious why!

-“Okie City” is slang for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

-“Shaky-Town” is slang for Los Angeles, California.

-“Steel City” is slang for Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

-“Windy City” is common slang for Chicago, Illinois.

Slang & Lingo for CB 10-Codes in Trucking

We already went over what “10-4” trucking lingo means. So, here are some more CB 10 trucker codes to keep in mind.

-“10-1” is slang for poor reception from another CB radio.

-“10-2” is trucker lingo for receiving a CB radio transmission without any problems.

-“10-3” is trucker slang for “please stop transmitting.”

-“10-5” is lingo for asking to relay a message.

-“10-6” is trucking slang for “busy.”

-“10-7” is lingo for “out of service.”

-“10-8” is slang for “in service.”

-“10-9” is lingo when a trucker asks another trucker to repeat a message.

-“10-11” is slang when a trucker talks too fast.

-“10-12” is trucking lingo for visitors being present.

-“10-13” is trucking slang for a weather advisory to truckers about road conditions.

-“10-16” is lingo in the trucking industry about where goods will be picked up.

-“10-17” is slang for business that has a high degree of urgency.

-“10-18” means that a trucker asks, “anything for me/us?”

-“10-19” is slang for, “nothing. Return to the base.” Also, read about How to get an IFTA Sticker .

-“10-20” is slang for a trucker providing his or her location on the CB radio. What are CSA Scores, and How Can You Improve Them?

Learn about The FMCSA 30-Minute Break Rule .

Want To Learn More Slang Truckers Use? We’re Here To Help

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