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  • Package #4: The Best Trucking Authority Package

  • Figure out what kind of authority you need & we do the rest

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  • It takes about 7 to 14 mins to complete your authority App

The Best Trucking Authority Package in the Trucking Industry

Package #4 provides your motor carrier business with a trucking authority ASAP. Registration LLC is the premier trucking authority destination federal motor carrier safety. Our team assists countless freight companies through complete packages. It’s so carriers can get authority fast without wasting money. Package #4 provides authority for every form of motor carrier. From a new, small startup company to a giant corporate freight business. All you've got to do is call the number on our page. That’s when you can inform us about your authority needs. Then, our company will supply you with the best authority package. Registering as a for-hire carrier crossing state lines involves navigating the Department of Transportation's (DOT) registration process, which includes a registration fee.


How to get California DOT number from motor carrier safety administration? Having trucking authority matters. Without it, a business might have to pay the government a lot of money. You don't want to risk paying a high fee number. The FMCSA and DOT have a reputation for applying big-time fines. They can also give a carrier severe penalties due to a lack of authority. The rates will stop the owner of any business from making money. Worst of all, you could lose operating authority status. So, what does a motor carrier need to do? It’s simple. A carrier can buy Package #4.


Package #4 contains the most high-quality FMCSA registrationservice. Our company prides itself on this Number 4 authority package. Each year, we assist thousands of companies. We make sure that they secure and maintain their FMCSA authority state permits. Sure, we have tons of positive, top-of-the-line reviews. But our team keeps the rates of our authority packages low. How come? Our team wants each motor carrier in the US to thrive. We use advanced authority tools and resources. They can fuel each carrier to new heights


Secure Trucking Authority ASAP: Registered With the DOT & FMCSA

Secure Trucking Authority ASAP: Registered With the DOT & FMCSA

Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended .  We’re ready to help your company with DOT and FMCSA registration right now . And Package #4 is the key to our authority process of motor vehicles. Our operating authority experts are standing by right now. You can find our phone number listed on this page. Remember that DOT and FMCSA always mean business. They enjoy factoring in the authority of every motor carrier. You cannot afford to submit MC Number registration late. Doing so could result in severe FMCSA and DOT fines. Also, the FMCSA could suspend each trucking operation within your company. How to get Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit ?

Package #4 is the ideal solution for securing authority at your freight company. No other authority package even comes close. The package features everything crucial for authority in trucking. Our authority team thrives when factoring in all key FMCSA authority resources interstate commerce. The package contains 100 percent of what you might need to maintain authority. Please call our authority experts if you have any questions. Know about MCS-150 .


How Much Can It Cost Get Trucking & Operating Authority

How Much Can It Cost Get Trucking & Operating Authority

Securing trucking authority means that each carrier has to pay some filing fees . That includes a specific FMCSA cost for many authority-related fees. Otherwise, companies can’t get individual Operating Authority and trucking authority. There is a one-time FMCSA fee of $300. But Package #4 can take care of this authority fee on your behalf. This step is crucial for carriers involved in transporting federally regulated commodities. Additionally, compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's regulations is essential, underscoring the commitment to safety.


You know about DOT SAP Program ? Remember that a carrier mus t pay separate filing fees. They get submitted within every interstate authority application. The fees reference the specific level of Authority that you need. Let’s go over an example. Say that a career is in need of Household Goods Authority . But that company also needs Passenger Authority . A business does not have to make the requests at different times. Instead, a carrier can request both authorities at once. Since there are two $300 fees that apply, the total the carrier owes is $600.

IFTA Sticker Registration steps. We recommend keeping the authority process simple . How so? By combining all authority payments into one. Let’s say every authority has the same classification or authority type. (Like common and contract carrier authorities related to property.) A career can still only have to pay one authority fee. Remember that every FMCSA authority filing fee isn’t refundable. The FMCSA even charges $14 to process a name change. Then you've got the $80 fee. That’s for requesting a reinstatement toward any level of authority. Of course, this assumes that authority has gotten revoked. Sure, the FMCSA website provides more Operating Authority fee information. But you're welcome to call our authority experts instead. Package #4 can save you a lot of money when securing trucking authority .

Which Versions of Trucking Authorities & Operating Authorities Must I File For?

Which Versions of Trucking Authorities & Operating Authorities Must I File For?

What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement? Registration LLC can help you use the FMCSA OP-1 Application. That’s what you need to file for all sorts of authorities. This applies to both operating and trucking authorities. Our team can take care of any authority filing need right now. We’ll submit the following authority form. It’s called OP-1 Application For Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority. There are five most common operating authorities that companies need. Here are the types of authority for trucking:

1. Broker of Property except for Household Goods.
2. Motor Contract Carrier of Property except for Household Goods.
3. Motor Contract Carrier of Household Goods.
4. Motor Common Carrier of Household Goods.

5. Motor Common Carrier of Property except for Household Goods.

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FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

James Cameron

Owner of a moving company

My organization has been securing DOT Numbers, MC Numbers, UCR Registration, and all other FMCSA requirements from FMCSA Registration LLC for well over a decade. Why? Their services are lightning-fast, their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to make sure that we maintain full compliance at all times. A+++.

Alicia Walker

Vice President of an interstate carrier

The Cost of FMCSA & DOT Trucking Authority

Importance of The FMCSA 30-Minute Break Rule. Are you operating in independent trucking? If so, you know that it can carry many authority-related costs. Not to mention, there are tons of responsibilities and paperwork. Registration LLC provides a service to take care of the responsibilities. This way, a trucking company can maintain authority at all times. Let’s now assess the major costs involved in getting trucking authority. Remember that the costs are approximate. The FMCSA and DOT can start changing these authority fees at any time. To save money, we recommend that you use Package #4 for trucking authority. Here are some common authority costs: Get International Fuel Tax Agreement Sticker (IFTA Sticker)


1. Sole proprietor and new LLC authority registration. The certain authority resources (and costs) change from state to state. This new authority filing can start around $250 to $800 every year. As part of the process, appointing a BOC-3 process agent is mandatory, ensuring proper representation in each state. Considering factors such as gross vehicle weight, this comprehensive registration ensures that carriers can operate seamlessly within the regulatory framework while upholding safety standards for the transportation of federally regulated goods.


2. UCR authority registration. UCR is an abbreviation of Unified Carrier Registration. It’s a standard FMCSA filing fee across the US. It’s about $76. But you can save that cost through Package #4.


3. PAD: Process Agent Designation. It costs $120 to file each BOC-3 form for authority. Then, you must pay $100 per year to a selected agent. Otherwise, a carrier will lose authority fast. (Let us know if you need help with BOC-3 filing. Our experts can file a BOC-3 form with ease.)


4. New FMCSA Permanent Authority. This involves a $300 USDOT authority filing service fee for each carrier. Let us know if you have questions about this related to a new MC Number. Getting new MC status is crucial for any carrier.


5. IRP: International Registration Plan fees. The cost of IRP authority varies for each carrier. (This service and cost is not included in this package.) IRP relates to the taxes of your vehicles. It’s also dependent on the weight of the vehicle. The cost depends if your shipment is 26 feet long or it holds 80,00 pounds. You need to tell us if you need help. Then, we can create a price that's separate from this package. Our separate IRP services depend on the needs of your vehicles. The fee pricing also depends on the number of states that truckers enter. The IRP filing fee can range from about $200 to over $2,000.


6. Base plate fees. These authority fees change based on each state of a company. The total fee can range from about $275 to $1,000 per year. Please call us to find out what Package #4 can do for your base plate fees.


7. The USDOT application fee for the heavy use vehicle tax. This refers to securing authority from IRS Form 2290. The cost of the fee for this tax ranges from $750 to $1250. That is on a per-year basis. (This service does not come with this package. It is a separate order. No taxes get calculated or included with this package.)


8. The DOT Vehicle inspection fee. This authority fee is $50 to $100. The total depends on your base state where you do business.


9. DOT Alcohol and Drug Physical for Carrier Safety. The physical fee is about $140 to $390. Companies must pay this authority fee every two years.


Is your trucking company struggling to complete the USDOT application? If so, here’s one more problem to keep in mind. You might have to pay state fuel and use authority taxes. But do not despair. Call Registration LLC and we’ll help you complete your application. You might also have to pay local costs. The US government even charges parking rental by the hour fees. Keep in mind that all the above numbers serve as estimates. The cost of every authority estimate can change over time. Call or email us for a more accurate cost. Let us know what you need for authority and we’ll get right to work.




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Owner Operator Compliance Through Trucking Insurance Requirements



Read about Starting a Trucking Company Package. Commercial trucking insurance for authority can get expensive fast. That’s one reason why carrier and authority expenses keep going up. Owner-operator insurance costs around $7,000 to $17,000 per year. Do not let these numbers scare you. Premium insurance resources can decrease over time. But that depends on the weight of each vehicle. The total cost is also related to the number of trailers that you have. The key is for the US government to start to recognize that your company is stable. The premium fee refers to the Federal Motor Carrier Filings Mandate. That mandate sets the rules for minimum coverage that can secure authority. As of now, that figure is $750,000. Also, check out the Texas DOT Number.


All about the NY HUT; New York Highway Use Tax Registration. Let our team know if you established your trucking company as an LLC. If so, we can help you find owner-operator trucking insurance. This insurance can provide an extra level of authority protection. It relates to the home state where your company is operating.




Does It Take a Long Time to Get Complete FMCSA Trucking Authority?



How To Request the DOT PIN Number? It can take about five to seven weeks to finish the trucking authority process. But through Package #4, you can secure authority faster than other companies. Keep in mind that there are many upfront Operating Authority costs. (We’ve listed these authority costs on this page.) You also have to deal with so many US government regulations. But do not get discouraged. You can start owning your very own trucking company today. All it takes is some patience and the help of Registration LLC.




Is It Best To Get Your Own Authority for Trucking?


Tips to prepare for 2021 DOT WeekYes, it’s best to get your own authority when working in the trucking industry. Doing so can position you to make a good amount of money. After all, that’s why so many people get into owner-operator trucking. Our team can help you get your own Operating Authority todayHow To Pass Dot Drug Test?


Check out The Basics of Farm ExemptionsSecuring authority can help you net around $2 to $3 per mile. Of course, the profits depend on the state where you have authority for trucking. Getting your own authority can lead to huge profits and ROI over the years. But here’s another reason to get your own authority. You’ll need Operating Authority status when hiring new drivers. Through your own authority, you can build a multi-truck enterprise and fleet. Check out Driver Qualification Files.




Can I Get Motor Carrier Authority for Trucking Without Having a Truck?


Yes, you can get motor carrier authority for trucking without a truck. It’s not the most easy authority process in the world. But our resources position us to help anyone get Interstate Motor Carrier Authority. And some of our clients can do so without even having a truck. So, here is what you do need to do ASAP. You must secure liability insurance for trucking. Many insurance companies won’t insure carriers unless they take one action. The insurance businesses have to apply coverage to trucks. Please call us for more information about trucking insurance. The next step is to get an MC Number. You can do so through many of our authority packages.




How Can I Get My Very Own Interstate Trucking Authority?


What are Top 3 DOT ViolationsOur company uses a patented plan for interstate trucking authority. It helps our customers get their own DOT and MC authority. And we can do so at a low cost. Consider doing the authority plan below. It can help you become your own trucking boss. And that can happen in a very short amount of time thanks to our services. Consider following each step to secure authority:



  1. Create your very own business entity to secure interstate authority. You might need the help of an accountant. An accountant will provide crucial recommendations that relate to authority. That person will also discuss the right business type to use for filing. An accountant can go over various tax scenarios for your trucking company.
  2. Get a USDOT Number through our authority packages.
  3. Get an active MC Number through our authority packages.
  4. Get commercial trucking insurance.
  5. Find a national process agent. Then, designate that agent. Our authority resources can help you with this step.
  6. Complete UCR registration through our authority packages.
  7. Complete truck signage.




Am I Able To Sell My Own DOT Trucking Authority & Motor Carrier Authority?


No, you cannot sell your Motor Carrier Authority. But that’s not all. You cannot sell your truck tags and the ICC authority number. Keep in mind that anyone can file seeking a refund on 2290. Every buyer of a truck has to tag it. A buyer also must pay a 2010 2290 balance for authority resources. Our team can help you apply for your federal carrier compliance registration. All you've got to do is call our company with your authority questions.




We’re the Number One Source for New Motor Carrier Authority



When it comes to DOT compliance state by stateyou can count on us. Every package and service that we provide can carry the load that the USDOT demands. Our large number of DOT compliance resources can help every truck company succeed. From getting a new MC Number to maintaining USDOT compliance. We’ve completed new DOT registration for countless carriers. Whether they need a new BOC-3 service or new MC registration. Our team's got you covered.


There’s no limit to what each compliance package can do for a company. We can even help a business with their fuel tax service paperwork but this is done seperatly to any DOT/MC licensing package. They both also feature new completed BOC-3 compliance filing. This way, you can stay in compliance with the USDOT. Consider us the number one broker of DOT compliance documents in the US. If you're unsure about that, feel free to call or email us today. Within seconds, you’ll know why we’re number one in USDOT compliance.


Package #4 is perfect for almost every single aspect of DOT truck compliance. From getting a new MC or USDOT related Number to new BOC-3 filing. Once you buy this package, our team will go service by service with ease. We make physical and online DOT compliance registration simple. You can't afford to risk working with any other USDOT compliance broker. No one else provides the world-class DOT compliance service that we do. 


Sometimes it can take weeks for another DOT compliance broker to update anything. From a new USDOT Number to new MC or BOC-3 registration. That’s not how our DOT compliance team does business. Your financial safety is our financial safety. And we won’t rest until every truck in your fleet has 110 percent compliance. We can also assess your current DOT compliance standing. This way, our team can put in place any new service that you're missing. All it takes is one email or phone call to our number. We can then tell you more about each new USDOT compliance package.




Our Packages Can Update Your USDOT & MC Information in Under an Hour



Do you need to update your MC or USDOT Number information for the DOT? If so, our team can supply you with new number information in less than an hour. Of course, this depends on how busy the DOT is. But rest assured, no other compliance firm has faster service. We know how frustrating it is to submit MC and USDOT related information. One mistake can make the DOT feel free to fine and penalize you. Next thing you know, you're out of compliance with the USDOT. This can affect the financial safety of any truck company. But fear not. Registration LLC is here to help.



Package #4 is here to provide winning service after service. Sure, it takes care of MC and USDOT related Number updates. But it also focuses on more key DOT compliance areas. From BOC-3 filing to USDOT fuel tax registration but this can be additional service that you must ask for from your support agent in our company. Every compliance package that we provide will give you great service. But Package #4 is one one of the top new USDOT packages in the US today. Think of it as the broker that provides truck service after service. It’s considered one of the best new USDOT truck packages in the last decade.



If you’re struggling to update your USDOT or MC Number, feel free to call us. We can tell you more about how Package #4 can help you out. This package can take your truck company to new heights. Sure, you’ll update your MC Number and USDOT Number with ease. But you’ll also access the best BOC-3 and compliant service in the country. This way, your business can maintain complete DOT compliance. Plus, you’ll adhere to strict DOT safety measures. Our customer service team is ready to give you new information now. They’ll answer all your questions about getting an MC Number and filing a BOC-3. But that’s not all. They’ll tell you more about how the package will keep you in line with DOT policies. You've never experienced customer service this good. We won’t rest until your level of DOT compliance reaches new heights. Our team looks forward to these packages serving as your USDOT compliance broker.







Call Our Number To Get Authority for Trucking Right Now Through Package #4


What is a DOT Audit? Does your trucking company need FMCSA and DOT authority? If so, please call our phone number today. Say that one of our freight experts cannot answer. They’ll return your call right away and take care of your authority needs. Feel free to tell them both your authority and trucking business goals. Next, our team will provide the right authority package.


We won’t waste your time factoring in services and resources you don't need. Instead, we’ll provide a package that checks off authority need after need. While doing so, our team will assess all federal and state regulations. This way, your company can maintain 110 percent FMCSA compliance. We’ll take care and go the extra mile no matter the state you're based in. Our authority team can’t wait to help you succeed using our packages. Know more please visit the Website link.

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