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  • LLCs Formation is the ideal solution for Trucking companies

  • 20+Years. Dedicated Specialists Starting Trucking Industry the correct way

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) sets boundaries between your personal assets

  • Liability protection against potential business risks when driving

Trucking LLC

In need of forming a trucking LLC?

Welcome to We’re the number one resource in the US for helping truckers form LLCs. Our team’s standing by to file all crucial documents so you can get an LLC right away. Additional information New DOT Authority Package

Do you plan on starting a trucking company. We encourage you to order a limited liability company on this page. Your new LLC will take about 7-18 days to get processed. If you want to speed it up, we can add rush delivery for $275.00. All you've got to do is add that delivery option on the check-out page.  Full Motor Carrier Authority.



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Should I Form an LLC for My Trucking Company?

Should I Form an LLC for My Trucking Company?

Almost all US trucking businesses benefit once they have an LLC in place.

Say that you form an LLC for your trucking company today. This means you can start protecting all your assets in a legal manner. Plus, you will have many ideal tax options every year. Extra information Driver Qualification Files. 

Please let us know if we can send you an LLC trucking company guide.

The Basics of Farm Exemptions It features a series of benefits about LLCs. It also covers the basics of forming your new LLC. Remember, you do not need to take many actions to form your LLC. Why? Because our organization's here to create your limited liability company for you today. For additional information DOT Compliant Drug & Alcohol Program.

Does a Trucking Business Need a Limited Liability Company?

Does a Trucking Business Need a Limited Liability Company?

Full Motor Carrier Authority Every trucking business could benefit by having a limited liability company in place. An LLC is simple and cost-effective. It also helps trucking professionals save money on their taxes.  FMCSA Registration Regulations Service, Be FMCSA Compliant These industry professionals can even experience asset protection. Is there any risk involved at your trucking company?  If so, the time is now to form your LLC. Creating an LLC could help your company benefit through tax options.  How to Obtain your MC (Motor Carrier Number).

Benefits of LLCs for Trucking Companies

Benefits of LLCs for Trucking Companies

There are many benefits related to forming a limited liability company. You can protect your personal assets. These include your house, car, and savings account. FMCSA Hours of Service Suspende, Asset protection is another term for limited liability protection. Having an LLC can also provide you with high-quality tax benefits and options. Forming an LLC is also ideal if you want to boost the credibility of your business. Know to more please visit

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Great Services!

FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

James Cameron

Owner of a moving company

My organization has been securing DOT Numbers, MC Numbers, UCR Registration, and all other FMCSA requirements from FMCSA Registration LLC for well over a decade. Why? Their services are lightning-fast, their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to make sure that we maintain full compliance at all times. A+++.

Alicia Walker

Vice President of an interstate carrier

The Basics of Having Limited Liability Protection

Each LLC gives a small business owner limited liability protection






So, what does this mean? The protection involves all common personal assets. From a bank account to a house to a car. These assets will get protected if your company gets sued. Or, if your trucking business has to default on any kind of debt. Click on this How to Obtain your MC


Make no mistake about it. Trucking companies benefit by having liability protection.

Why? Well, think of the risk that any personal injury lawsuit carries. Say that a truck driver got hurt on the job. Or, the driver injured someone in a trucking accident. You need liability protection to save your company when these tragic events happen. For additional information MCS-150 Update. 


Liability protection also applies if a truck driver damages someone’s property.

Also, an LLC protects personal assets if there’s a loan default. Asset protection also applies if a company in trucking files for commercial bankruptcy. The key is to maintain the limited liability protection status of your LLC. This means that a trucking business owner has to also maintain the corporate veil. Find out more Full Motor Carrier Authority. 


Trucking Business LLC Tax Benefits & Options  


How To Pass Dot Drug Test Every LLC in the United States, by default, gets taxed as a pass-through entity. This takes place in the same manner as a partnership or sole proprietorship. Here is what this process means for trucking business. The net income passes through to the individual tax return of an owner. Check it out Starting a Trucking Company Correctly. 


Next, the net income of the company becomes subject to income taxes. Plus, the business net income is also subject to self-employment taxes. The IRS will base the income tax amount on the tax bracket of the business owner. A partnership or sole proprietorship gets taxed like an LLC. But those entities do not provide unique tax options and limited liability protection. Click here to discover Texas DOT Number


S Corp Option of an LLC


Are you familiar with an S corp (S corporation)? It’s one of the IRS tax statuses that any LLC can elect. Through S corp status, a business owner can get treated like an employee of a company. This process is for tax purposes that can benefit a trucking organization. Additional information Trucking Operating Packages


IFTA Sticker - Get International S corp tax status could reduce the self-employment taxes of your trucking business. This way, a business owner can contribute pre-tax dollars to health insurance premiums. Or, the pre-tax money can go toward the 401k of the owner. can help you form an S corp when we create your LLC. Please contact us for more information about having an S corp within an LLC. Get more information Unified Carrier Registration. 


The Basics of Having an LLC


“What is an LLC?” That’s a common question our organization receives from new customers. Every LLC refers to a limited liability company. It’s the most popular form of legal business structure in the United States. Every LLC provides tax options for a trucking business. Plus, having an LLC can also give you limited liability protection and you can open a  bank account for  asset protection infrastructure. More information USDOT Number Registration. 


So, what does limited liability protection on a legal level?

It focuses on protecting the personal assets of a business owner. This applies if a company defaults on a debt or if it gets sued. Every small business in trucking can benefit by forming an LLC. That's because no other business structure type can provide as many benefits. After all, LLCs are cost-effective and easy to form and operate. Plus, an LLC protects the personal assets of business owners. The asset protections apply to issues with both creditors and lawsuits. More information What Is IRP or Apportioned Registration.


Common Steps of Forming an LLC


Let’s now cover the basics of how our company can form an LLC for your trucking business. Our professional formation service is here to assist you with these steps at all times. For a small fee, we can set up your limited liability company with ease. Additional information How to Prepare for Compliance DOT Audit


Step #1: Choose the Base State of Your LLC


New business owners in trucking must select a base state for LLC formation. In most cases, this is the state where you will run your business. Or, the current state where you live. Keep in mind that our organization can form your LLC in any of the fifty states. Get more information FMCSA Registration Regulations


Step #2: Decide on the Name of an LLC


Say our organization files LLC formation documents on behalf of your trucking business. The next step is to select a name for your trucking company LLC. Please contact us if you need help naming your business. Our experts can check with your base state on available LLC names. Then, we can even help you discover if there's a web domain on GoDaddy for your LLC. Find out more FMCSA Registration


Step #3: Secure a Registered Agent


Every United States LLC in trucking must have a registered agent. The role of the agent is to accept tax notices and legal documents from the state. Then, the agent passes the documents over to a company on behalf of an LLC. You must list the registered agent inside your LLC Articles of Organization filing. To learn more check the link below Get FMCSA Trucking Authority.


We encourage your trucking business to consider electing our organization as your agent. Our registered agent service for LLCs provides many benefits. These include having peace of mind and privacy as a trucking company owner. Please give us a call now if your LLC needs a registered agent. Click on this DOT SAP Program.


Step #4: File Articles of Organization for Your Limited Liability Company


The next step is to file the LLC Articles of Organization document with your state. Some states refer to the Articles of Organization as a Certificate of Formation. Other states call it the Certificate of Organization. No matter what you call it, this is crucial registration for a trucking business. We must file this document to get your LLC registered with your state. Continue reading DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement.


Step #5: Form the LLC Operating Agreement


Another crucial document for a trucking company is the LLC operating agreement. The agreement is a legal document outlining two key pieces of criteria. They are member duties and ownership duties of an LLC in the trucking industry. Our LLC experts are standing by to help you draft an operating agreement. We can even provide your small business with an online operating agreement tool. For additional information The FMCSA 30. 


Step #6: Secure an EIN Number Through the IRS


Keep in mind that we do not include EIN registration in our standard trucking LLC service. But please contact us if you need help getting an EIN from the IRS. An EIN refers to the Employer Identification Number. The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will need this number from your business. This way, the IRS can recognize your trucking company during tax season. Think of an EIN as the Social Security number of a trucking business. More information IFTA Sticker Registration


Receive Quality Insurance Coverage at Your Trucking Company


Every owner-operator in the United States must have the right business insurance. A new trucking company or LLC will fail without insurance in place. To find a cost-effective premium, try contacting different local agents. This way, you'll know the right decision to make about a policy. Learn more The Basics of Farm Exemptions.


Most trucking LLCs will need primary liability insurance and cargo insurance. But a truck driver should also have physical damage insurance. Even passenger accident insurance could benefit your company. Please call us now to learn more about trucking company insurance for an LLC. Find out more FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended.


Do Not Forget To Draft a Business Plan


Your trucking organization could benefit as an LLC by having a business plan in place. Using an organized plan can get any trucking company on track. The plan functions as a roadmap toward business success. You can edit your business plan as your trucking company grows. Please let us know if your LLC would like to download our business plan template. More information DOT Number in California.





We’re Here To Establish Your Company in a Legal Manner is ready to establish your trucking company on a legal basis. That's why we provide full-scale LLC registration services. Trust us. Operating a trucking business as a limited liability company carries many benefits. This also applies if you structure your trucking company like a corporation. Further information New York Highway Use Tax Registration.


You can begin protecting your personal assets and property as a business owner. LLC registration leads to many tax, business, and legal advantages. We’ve seen the results of limited liability company registration for ourselves. LLC after LLC has benefitted by our entity formation services. Find out more MC Number Insurance Requirements.


Our Team Can Help Your Trucking Business Get Licenses & Permits


Our experts are here to help your trucking company get business licenses and permits. This way, the truck drivers at your LLC can operate state to state with ease. All you've got to do is give us a call and let us know your registration needs. Then, we can begin registering you with a CDL: commercial driver’s license. Or, a USDOT number, MC number, BOC-3 filing, or any other type of truck licensing. We can even take care of IRP and IFTA fuel tax registration. Please give us a call now to receive full-scale trucking registration. Click here to discover How To Request the DOT PIN Number. Find out more  How To Request the DOT PIN Number.


Questions on How To Form an LLC for a Trucking Company? Call Us Now


Do not hesitate to call the team if you have any questions. We’re standing by to help you form your LLC at any moment. This way, your trucking company can have liability protection at all times. You're also welcome to send over an email or message us on our website. We look forward to helping you form your trucking business LLC ASAP. Additional information Top 3 DOT Violations.


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