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Women in Trucking

Written by Nick Webster

Published on June 7, 2024, 9:33 a.m.


Our organization specializes in assisting women in trucking all across the United States. Sure, trucking functioned as a male-dominated industry in the past. But that is not the case anymore. More and more females have answered the call to serve as professional truck drivers. In fact, here is a statistic that will blow your mind. Between 2010 and 2019, the total number of female truck drivers in the US increased by 68 percent.

There is an unprecedented demand for truck drivers right now.

This makes working as a woman in the transportation industry a great opportunity. Plus, the industry provides many lucrative pay packages for female drivers. It is now the ideal time for society to embrace women working in trucking. There are many reasons why women enjoy working as truck drivers. One of those reasons is that there is an unparalleled level of autonomy. Women in the industry can set their own routes and schedules while earning good money. If you're a woman in the US trucking industry, feel free to contact our organization. We specialize in providing world-class third-party trucking registration services.

The Mission of Our Organization has benefitted women in the US trucking industry for over ten years. The mission of our business is simple. We want to empower all women to succeed as trucking industry professionals. That’s why we provide the best DOT and FMCSA registration services in the country. Through the services, we address obstacles and help ensure employment. Our passionate leadership team supports women and diversity in trucking. All it takes is one phone call to our business to experience that passion. We won’t rest until every woman can thrive while operating as a truck driver. That is why we provide state-of-the-art trucking registration services.

Our Services Encourage Employment

Gender diversity matters. It promotes new ideas and creates new perspectives. Plus, diversity also leads to innovation and new forms of problem-solving. That is why business performance can improve so much through female truckers. And when business performance improves, so does revenue generation. Our organization’s services are in a league of their own. They provide first-rate content, market intelligence, collaboration, and networking. Through our business, every woman in trucking has a path toward constant success.

We Promote Addressing Obstacles in the US Trucking Industry

As a diverse team of trucking professionals, we know what women in the industry need. They deserve fair compensation and flexible work schedules. But that's not all. Women also need an inclusive corporate culture supporting professional development. Through our business, women can find resources and discover best practices. Plus, our team is full of innovative trucking ideas and content for women. We’re standing by to help woman after woman oversees every trucking industry obstacle. Please call right now for any sort of trucking-related help. We have the tools and resources to help every woman succeed.

Woman in trucking are beating the men

Our Team Celebrates the Success of Women

Countless women and companies in transportation turn to our organization. Why? Because they know we can help them experience the benefits of workforce diversity. All individuals deserve to find long-term career solutions in trucking and transportation. Gender diversity is paramount to the success of every company. That’s why our business helps trucking companies hire and keep female drivers. As a society, our success is our success.

Discover Professional Trucking Membership Opportunities

Our organization can help any woman find new trucking membership opportunities with amazon. The process connects to our mission of empowering all women in the US trucking industry. We can connect women to a wide variety of industry outreach programs. The programs promote education, networking, mentorship, and ongoing support. Trucking programs also encourage unity and job retention. Whether you're a new or seasoned female driver, please contact uInformation About T.E.A.R.

Feel free to contact our organization to learn key information about TEAR. It stands for Truckers Emergency Assistance Response. TEAR is a nationwide charity relief fund assisting truck drivers in distressed situations. These trucking situations include wage theft, carrier abandonment, and carrier retaliation. TEAR also provides services for trucking accidents, weather incidents, and injuries. Many women within the US trucking industry have benefitted through TEAR.

We Provide Full-Scale Support to Females in Trucking

Our organization supports all females in trucking through world-class services. We can even direct women toward the best driving training programs in the country. Plus, we can also provide entry-level driver training for women entering the industry. We’re standing by to help you every woman create a path to trucking success. Our team recognizes both seasoned women and new entrants in trucking. We cannot wait to see the contributions that more women make in the industry.

Find New Load Boards

We always enjoy helping female truckers discover new load boards. In fact, we partner with a variety of the top trucking load boards in the US. Through the boards, you can find specific trucking loads at the ideal price. Many of the load boards get powered through DAT. It is the biggest load board in the country with over 1 million loads each day. We encourage women to contact us now about our load board partners.

Women in trucking

More Women Have Started Working in the Hot Shot Trucking Sector

The number of women working in the US hot shot trucking sector increases each year. So, what is hot shot trucking? It focuses on hauling time-sensitive and small LTL loads. The timeframe for hotshot routes is fast. Many female drivers deliver the loads for corporations like Wal-Mart and Amazon. Trucking industry experts state that hot shot driving is a prime way to make good money. That’s why helps so many drivers complete hot shot registration. Through our services, women can become hot shot drivers and start profiting ASAP.

Complete Your FMCSA & DOT Registration Through Us

Our organization specializes in providing third-party FMCSA and DOT number registration. We have helped women register with federal and state governments for over a decade. Through our services, women stay on top of all their trucking registration. From MC or DOT numbers to BOC-3 process agent registration and IFTA fuel tax reporting. We encourage you to browse our website to view all the services we provide. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to helping countless women succeed in the US trucking industry.

What Makes Truck Driving a Great Career for Women?

Trucking is, without question, an excellent career for women in the United States. One of the key reasons is that every driver in the industry can create a custom schedule. This way, a truck driver only accepts loads when she has the time. Some female truck drivers work almost every day of the month. Others prefer to apply their skills only a few days per month. Either way, a driver can engage in trucking only when she feels like it. As a result, women in trucking get to work as their own bosses.

Now, compare a trucking schedule to a standard, corporate office schedule.

You might find that women do not have as much freedom in a corporate setting. That's why so many women leave the traditional jobs that they have at their companies. They choose to embrace freedom and start their careers as professional truckers. After all, do all women want to sit in an office year after year? Of course not.

Many women in trucking need time to spend with their families and friends.

That’s why trucking can serve as a bridge to connect female drivers to their families. Each woman can haul freight in a truck only when she feels like it. In fact, this concept is why driver after driver of any gender gets into trucking. The industry can help women accelerate their careers without a corporate schedule.

I’ve Secured My CDL. Now What?

Congratulations on getting a CDL: commercial drivers license. Now, have you researched potential carriers to work for? If not it’s best to go online and search for trucking companies. But never apply to the very first trucking company that catches your eye. It’s better to take your time when doing thorough research. This way, you can figure out which carriers will meet your unique needs. In fact, research can serve as a key action that many US truckers take.

Professional truckers put a lot of thought into the jobs that they accept.

Let’s use load boards as an example. You do not want to accept the very first load board posting that you see online. Instead, each woman in trucking has to figure out what works best for her.

Now that you have a CDL, have you secured the rest of the trucking registration you'll need?

If not, the WIT (women in trucking) division of our organization is standing by. As a new driver, we can get you registered with DOT and FMCSA registration. This includes a DOT Number, MC Number, and BOC-3 process agents. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about trucking registration.

Our team can even help you with training so that you can get on the road ASAP. is ready to accelerate your path toward success. We’re not going to rest until you have all special trucking registration in place. If you have questions about what to do after getting a CDL, please call us now.

How Do I Get My License & Vehicle Registered?

License and vehicle registration in the US trucking industry involves many steps. Your exact trucking registration comes down to the type of carrier that you’ll work under. Here is an example. Do you plan on performing trucking in one state or different states? If you're only going to drive a truck in one state, you'll work as an “interstate carrier.”

Say that you intend to get on the road across different states.

This means the government will refer to you as an “interstate carrier.” The US DOT and FMCSA use separate interstate and intrastate carrier registration. You must first figure out how these authorities will classify your trucking business. Then, you can secure a license and get your vehicle registered.

Here is the fastest solution to secure a US trucking license and registration.

It is to pick up the phone and contact our organization. We specialize in providing trucking registration for women all across the country. In fact, you might want to browse our website. You’ll find that our third-party services take care of all vehicle registration. From getting an MC number to a DOT number to IFTA and IRP registration.

Women in trucking

Point blank: our third-party FMCSA services have taken the industry by storm.

Countless women in the trucking industry depend on our registration team for help. So, feel free to call our corporate office and ask tons of questions. Within minutes, our professional staff can direct you to the right information.

How Many Female Truck Drivers Are There?

As of 2022, over three million truck drivers cruise the roadways of the United States. Of those trucking professionals, about one out of ten is a woman. This statistic differs from other industries in the country. After all, women make up about 51 percent of the civilian workforce. But here is some good news for women interested in trucking. The number of women working as truck drivers continues to grow year after year.

Right now, there are well over 300,000 female truck drivers operating their vehicles.

Since women only make up 10 percent of the trucking industry, there’s room for growth. The industry is in need of more female drivers to begin their trucking careers. Many corporate trucking organizations do state that they value diversity and inclusion. Thus, we expect these businesses to jump at the chance to hire female drivers.

Over the last few years, there has been a spike in growth for women in trucking.

The trucking industry now has 30% more women in it than it did years ago. This is great news for anyone who values diversity. Plus, the number of women in trucking increases at a growing rate every year. Because of this, expect to see more women work as truckers in the not too distant future. So, do not despair that women make up 10 percent of the US trucking industry. All signs point to a future with countless more women working in trucking.

How Can an Owner Operator Get the Best Deal Possible on Truck Insurance?

It is crucial for every female owner operator to get the best deal on trucking insurance. Now, doing so becomes easier said than done. After all, every woman in the US trucking industry is very busy. A trucker does not have much time to shop around for deals on trucking insurance. Plus, a truck driver must also put time and effort into maintaining a truck. Or, even a fleet of big-rig trucks at a major carrier. But this is where our organization comes into play.

The WIT (women in trucking) division of can assist you.

We’re standing by to answer all your trucking insurance questions. Once we get some basic information from you, our team can help you succeed. Our experts can recommend the types of trucking insurance that fit your needs. This way, a driver won't have to waste money on an expensive insurance plan. So, please give us a call right now for help securing truck insurance. Our corporate office has many affiliates in the US trucking industry. We’re standing by to help women secure the best deals on insurance. As a result, every female driver can feel empowered while operating vehicles.

No matter what, put thought into who you hire as a truck insurance agent.

You must make sure that the agent has experience in the trucking industry. Say that you call an insurance company that you're interested in. Begin by asking what the best semi-truck insurance deal is. This way, you can put the truck insurance agent on the spot. He or she will then have to provide a deal that meets the needs of your carrier. Also, do not accept the first insurance rate that someone gives you. It’s better to take your time and shop around. Otherwise, you could end up with a truck policy that is not cost-effective.

Remember, as a female in trucking, you're operating as your own boss.

Do not let any truck insurance companies try to push you around. Instead, go the extra mile and find a policy that will not rip you off. If you get stuck looking for trucking insurance, please call our organization. We’ve helped hundreds of women in the trucking industry find the right insurance. Our experts cannot wait to assist you in securing an ideal truck insurance policy.

Tired of Searching for a Better Job? Use Load Boards

Almost every female owner operator in the US trucking industry depends on load boards. A load board is a crucial online resource for finding new loads to haul. The business of the average woman in trucking becomes based on the following factor. Each female driver must run a vehicle as many miles as she can. This way, a woman can boost her profits through trucking mileage. That’s where trucking load boards come into play.

Another term for a load board is a freight matching service.

Using a load board website can save every woman in trucking time and money. Less time looking for a trucking job leads to more time earning money. Yes, it’s that simple. Now, there are many load boards with great technology to browse online. The key is to find a load board that fits the exact needs of your role as a female driver. This way, you won't have to worry about wasting money and time.

Here are some traits to look for when using a load board or online load-matching service.

The most important factor to watch out for is the cost. After all, no woman in the trucking industry wants to break a budget. That's why you've got to ensure that your budget aligns with a load board. (Or, an online freight matching technology service). The cost of quality trucking load boards will pay off after only a few loads.

In some cases, you can find a trucking load board that provides a free trial.

This way, you can test out the service to see if it fits your trucking needs. If not, you can cancel the trial and start using different freight-finding services. Most high-quality load boards provide free trials to US trucking professionals. So, exercise caution if you encounter a truck load board without a free trial.

Most high-quality load boards also have their own mobile apps for truckers.

App technology is very convenient because you do not need a computer. You can browse freight opportunities while filling up your truck with gas. Do you want to learn more information about trucking load boards? If so, please contact our organization. We’re here to help women in the US trucking industry secure freight with technology.

How Do We Recruit More Female Drivers To Solve the Capacity Problem?

Recruitment of female drivers should serve as a priority for every trucking company. One of the keys of diverse recruitment is to focus on trucking equipment. Organizations must produce more truck equipment that will suit either gender. In the past, most trucking equipment became designed to fit men. But this must stop. After all, women now account for one out of every ten US truck drivers. That's why truck industry tools and resources must get redesigned. Otherwise, many women will get frustrated and not want to work in trucking.

Trucking companies must also provide better opportunities for women to have family time.

That's right. Some women in the trucking industry do not see their families often enough. But that is changing as women take on trucking jobs as their own bosses. In the past, many women ignored trucking because of this issue. They did not want to stay away from their families for days or weeks at a time.

It’s now time to give women flexibility when operating as commercial drivers.

That's a key reason why our organization promotes the use of load boards. They position women to only take on trucking jobs that they prefer. This way, every female truck driver can spend more time with her family.

Looking For the Next Step in Your Career?

Are you a woman trying to decide on the next step of your career? If so, it’s time to consider getting a CDL. The term “CDL” refers to a commercial drivers license. The key is to make sure you're familiar with all CDL rules and regulations. After all, operating a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) is very unique. Driving a CMV involves having a specialized set of abilities and skills. Through a CDL, a woman in trucking can gain the legal authority to operate a CMV. But first, every woman has to complete a driving training program. Then, each woman must pass a commercial driving test. This way, women can prove their abilities and skills before operating a CMV.

More than one type of CDL exists in the United States.

The most common form of a CDL in trucking is a Class A CDL. Federal law states that a Class A CDL driver cannot operate if under the age of 21. This law applies to any women interested in interstate CMV driving. But some women as young as 18 can drive intrastate within specific states. Do you need more information about how women in trucking get CDL licenses? If so, please contact our company. We can walk you through the process of securing a CDL. Plus, our experts can go over training and licensing rules in every state.

Do Trucking Training Programs Exist?

Yes. Many women in trucking begin their next career steps through a training program. Say that a woman decides to pay for her truck training out of pocket. (This way, she can make a decent wage right off the bat.) That woman has many trucking and driving training schools as options. In most cases, a community college or driving school will provide a program.

Each woman can begin a driving training program on a part- or full-time basis.

Seven weeks is the average length of most full-time truck driving programs. It’s important for women to take their time when searching for a training program. This way, every woman can find a truck training program that will get solid results. Please contact our organization if you need help finding a trucking program near you.

What Is Company Paid CDL Training?

Many women in trucking begin by taking part in company-paid CDL training. Once again, “CDL” stands for a commercial drivers license. Also, “company paid” CDL training refers to “company sponsored” CDL training. Using a company-sponsored CDL training program is a simple concept. A trucking company will provide access to a training program for women in trucking. Or, a trucking company will pay for the training of a woman when she begins working. This type of program in trucking does not involve paying much upfront money. That's because a company will enforce all participants to serve as company drivers.

Now, let’s say that you're interested in using a private truck driving school program.

This type of program gets operated on an independent basis. As a result, a truck driving company does not have direct involvement in the program. Because of this, a private program will ask for a larger upfront payment. The payment can range anywhere from about $3,000-$9,000. It’s up to you to take part in a company-paid CDL program or a private program. Either way, any woman in trucking can secure a commercial driver's license. It might serve in your best interest to pursue a company-sponsored program. That's because this form of trucking program is way less expensive. Plus, it provides more one-on-one training time when operating a commercial vehicle.

Before we move on, let’s go over one more perk associated with company-paid CDL training.

A woman new to the trucking industry will not have to take part in a job hunt. Instead, the trucking company will hire the woman once she completes the program. This situation applies to most Class A CDL company training programs in trucking. Because of this, women new to trucking won't need to stress. Instead, they can begin earning money as soon as they complete the program. The lack of stress combined with financial savings serve as two major advantages. Women can relax during CDL training programs knowing they have a job lined up.

We encourage you to contact with any questions.

Our trucking experts can help you find companies that provide training programs. This way, you could save thousands of dollars by avoiding a private program. So, please call us right now if you need a list of CDL training programs in your area. We’re standing by to position every woman in trucking for ultimate success. Our team will go the extra mile to help you start making money in trucking ASAP.

What Makes Truck Driving Attractive to Women?

There are many advantages that women experience through professional truck driving. In recent years, it has become a very attractive career choice for tons of females. Women can carve out a career path (or build a business) using upward mobility. One key advantage of trucking for women is that there are many training options. Plus, every woman can boost professional development through private programs. Training and professional development apply to all sorts of heavy equipment. There are even trucking training programs for learning about trailer configurations.

Do you think there isn’t much variety when it comes to the common types of trucking jobs?

If so, think again. Women have tons of options when it comes to truck driving jobs. From transporting long-haul cargo state-to-state to short-distance deliveries. There are many diverse job possibilities for women in trucking. Most trucking employers also provide full benefits to female employees.

But some women enjoy operating as freelance entrepreneurs in the market.

Either way, it’s an easy path for a woman to serve as her very own owner-operator. Plus, many women can set their own trucking schedules each month. This gives them enough time to spend at home with their families when not on the road.

Operating as a truck driver is one of the few opportunities with a clear path to income.

A female worker has the independence to get each job done on her own terms. That's because there is very little direct oversight or micromanagement. Sure, there are best practices in trucking that every woman should master. But the industry values the unique problem-solving styles of individual women. That is not the case in many other industries across the United States.

Are you sick of taking part in a very repetitive and dull job?

If so, the US trucking industry features countless unique opportunities for you. Every business where you’re operating a truck will assume your own competence. This way, you can hit the road using your own strategies and best practices. Most other jobs will restrict how you approach solving problems. Meanwhile, women in trucking have the freedom for independent problem-solving.

The concept of independence even applies to jobs that short-range female drivers take on.

Sure, they will use company vehicles. But for the most part, these women can call their own shots when delivering shipments. Do you want to learn more information about the advantages of truck driving? If so, please contact our organization at any time. We’re standing by to help all women succeed in the US trucking industry.

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