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Check Status of DOT Number

Check Status of DOT Number

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Please use the Check Status of DOT Number feature on this webpage to find out whether the FMCSA has granted your registration with active status. If that is not the case, our third-party experts can get right to work and help you restore the status of your DOT number. To get started, all you need to do is dial our phone number: 1-866-477-0707. We look forward to helping you restore an active status to your DOT number ASAP.


We’re Standing By To Reactivate Your DOT Number


If you haven't kept up with the biennial update, reactivating your DOT Number is
a simple process for our team of professionals. All you need to do is provide us
with some basic information that we will fill out regarding the necessary form.
Then, we can submit it to the FMCSA right away. Depending on the current
status of your DOT Number, other steps may be required.

If your DOT Number has been revoked due to the complicated new entrant
safety audit, don't worry. We’re here to help. Our experts understand that
completing all of the necessary forms and creating a corrective action plan can
be confusing. So, let us help you make sure everything is in order and get your
DOT Number was reinstated as quickly as possible. With our expertise and guidance,
you can have your DOT Number back in no time!

Our Experts Can Also Reinstate Your Motor Carrier Operating Authority
If you need to reactivate your Motor Carrier Authority along with your DOT
Number, we will need to request reinstatement with the FMCSA. This may
involve an additional fee. Just like when initially obtaining your operating
authority, you must have your BOC-3 form and the necessary insurance
coverage in place before the authority can be reactivated.

If your safety rating is unsatisfactory, you must take steps to get back into the
good graces of the FMCSA. Don't worry- we’re here to help make the process as
pain-free and effortless as possible. For authorities that have been inactive for
more than 12 months, there's an extra step involved due to the complexity of
FMCSA timelines. Before taking any action, give us a call so one of our coaches
can guide you through the process. We're here to help!


How Do I Get a PIN to Log Into the FMCSA Portal?


Gain greater insight into your trucking company's safety rating and inspection
results by logging in to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

portal with your unique PIN. This personalized information is not available to the
public, giving you an exclusive look at how your business is performing.
Getting your PIN is easy through the FMCSA SAFER system. You can request it
to be sent via email for fast delivery, or mailed to the address you have on file. All
you need to provide is your:
USDOT Number
Federal ID (EIN, SSN, etc.)
Company name
Name and official title of the person making the request
Once submitted, an email containing your PIN will be sent to the address
provided. It's that simple!


What Is the Main Purpose of DOT Numbers?


When transporting goods across state lines, or even within a state, obtaining a
USDOT number from the FMCSA is necessary. This identifier is exclusively given
by the U.S. Department of Transportation and monitors safety data for
commercial motor vehicles, which includes large commercial vehicles and
moving trucks.
In addition to federal regulations, 38 states mandate that businesses operating
within their jurisdiction register with the FMCSA and possess a valid USDOT
number . To ensure compliance, make sure to have all the required
documentation before commencing your trip, regardless of where your business
takes you.


Why Does My DOT Status Matter?


The agency tasked with road transport safety is accountable for verifying that all
automobiles are functioning securely. This entails ensuring compliance with
specific criteria, such as keeping current maintenance records and confirming
that drivers possess the necessary training and licensure.
In case a driver or vehicle is not in compliance with the regulations, corrective
measures can be taken to ensure the safety of all. Additionally, your DOT status
serves as an indicator of your responsible driving and adherence to regulations
to others. Therefore, it is essential to monitor any unresolved concerns related to
your DOT status and maintain your favorable standing.
Questions About Your DOT Number Status? Contact Us Now

If you find that your DOT Number has been revoked or marked as inactive, our
registration experts are here to help! We understand the importance of having a
valid DOT Number, no matter if you're staying in one state or trucking across the
country. Contact us today and we can discuss your company goals and help you
get back on track to running a successful business. Don't hesitate. Let’s work
together to make sure you have everything you need for success!

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