DOT Authority Package

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$448.00 Only

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  • DOT authority is the Operating Authority within State carrier's

  • Start filing paperwork to get your DOT authority

  • Whomever has the authority is the one responsible for company

  • FMCSA filing fee to get your USDOT Number

Get DOT Authority Package #2: It’s the Best DOT Package in USA

Package #2 serves as the best DOT Authority package in the United States.


This trucking industry-trusted package has benefited countless businesses. The package focuses on securing your BOC-3 Number and USDOT Number . But don't expect to pay an outrageous filing fee. Our team will take care of the standard FMCSA filing fee. While doing so, we’ll secure you with a brand-new DOT Number. This way, you can receive complete Motor Carrier Authority. In Washington, DC, motor carriers seeking to transport passengers navigate the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) system, streamlining the application process. This centralized system caters to various types of operations within the commercial zone. 

DOT Authority Is Coming Your Way Right Now

DOT Authority Is Coming Your Way Right Now

Why DOT Number is Important?

But a DOT Number isn’t the only number we’ll generate. Our team will also provide you with a new USDOT Number. Do you already have a USDOT Number? If so, we can update your USDOT information. Then, our registration experts will take care of all your filing needs.

Secure DOT Authority in Under One Hour

Secure DOT Authority in Under One Hour

That’s so you can complete the Designation of Process Agents.

Please scroll down to learn more about why one-hour authority is so important. IFTA Sticker Registration steps (Ifta is Not included in this package).

Package #2 Adheres to Every FMCSA Authority Rule

Package #2 Adheres to Every FMCSA Authority Rule

How To Request the DOT PIN Number ?

Anyone in the trucking industry needs DOT authority. That’s why we provide Package #2 . It’s one of the top-rated starter packages for securing DOT authority. Why? Well, for one, you get to have an active DOT Number for authority. But that’s not all. You also get BOC-3 and US DOT FMCSA registration. This is crucial for any type of operation trucking company. The Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees the UCR, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

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Great Services!

FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

James Cameron

Owner of a moving company

My organization has been securing DOT Numbers, MC Numbers, UCR Registration, and all other FMCSA requirements from FMCSA Registration LLC for well over a decade. Why? Their services are lightning-fast, their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to make sure that we maintain full compliance at all times. A+++.

Alicia Walker

Vice President of an interstate carrier

Get USDOT & BOC-3 FMCSA Registration Knocked Out With Package #2

Registration LLC loves to help any motor carrier.

In fact, we assist hundreds of motor carrier safety administrators every day. Our team has done that for over a decade. We have more knowledge about the trucking industry than any other company. Our team uses their knowledge to make every trucking package a success. We won’t rest until all trucking organizations have total authority to operate in the US. Tips to prepare for 2022 DOT Week . How To Pass Dot Drug Test ?


What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement ?


Are you in need of more FMCSA trucking registration resources than Package #2 has? If so, we can help you out. You're welcome to browse our other packages for trucking. Packages 3 through 5 contain even more DOT registration resources. Let’s give you an example of trucking registration resources. Package #4 will take care of your unified registration system, and unified carrier registration  UCR registration needs. But that’s not all.

Our experts can set up IRP and IFTA DOT and FMCSA registration (Please remember that all IRP & IFTA is a separate service and never included in packages).

Do you feel confused about securing the right trucking authority package? If you do, give us a call. We’ve listed our number toward the bottom of this page. Our operating authority experts can help you out whenever you need them to.



They’ll ensure that you receive the best DOT resources .

You and your workers deserve to start trucking without dealing with a waiting period. That can happen by calling our phone number. Must visit How to Prepare for a Compliance DOT Audit


Check out The Basics of Farm Exemptions . Say that you choose to buy Package #2 right now. Once you do, you’ll get a new FMCSA Number . Sometimes our workers can deliver a new number in under one hour. (From start to finish.) Of course, the time frame depends on how busy the DOT staff is. Getting a new DOT Number matters. You cannot have an interstate operating authority without one. The FMCSA uses it to recognize every trucking company. Companies operating without authority will get fined and penalized. Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended .


What are the Top 3 DOT Violations ?

Importance of The FMCSA 30-Minute Break Rule . Each business operating within interstate cargo transportation must have a new DOT Registration . Does your company haul cargo over state lines? If so, a DOT Number is a must-have to get now. Remember that you won’t need to display it like your USDOT Number. But say the DOT pulls you over.


Without an active USDOT Number, you could face severe consequences.


Please let our team know if you need to get USDOT Number registration. We can provide it on an exclusive basis. Without a USDOT Number, the FMCSA and DOT could fine or penalize your company. All about the NY HUT; New York Highway Use Tax Registration .

Tons of trucking organizations go out of business when they don't use an active number. (You also must have an active USDOT Number.) This comprehensive approach reflects the commitment to a unified registration process, fostering efficiency and accountability in the transportation sector within the unique landscape of Washington, DC.

Our company exists to ensure that your business keeps operating. There’s no need to risk the financial safety of your motor carrier operations. Our team can protect your financial safety ASAP through Package #2. How to get an Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit ?

If you need DOT authority, you've got to turn to the professionals.

We’re the top trucking experts in the United States, Washington DC. No one knows trucking more than Registration LLC. Our organization has the most experience assisting thousands of trucking businesses. We’ll assist any new company or established company. Our team can do so by providing top-rated US DOT trucking packages.

Every trucking package that we provide complies with every FMCSA and DOT regulation.

This means you won't need to worry about your financial safety. Your company is in safe hands with our trucking experts. The US DOT (and FMCSA) applies strict fines to businesses every day. One single inactive USDOT Number could ruin your financial safety. Our mission is to secure your financial safety through the highest quality packages. How to get a California DOT number ?


You do not want to risk getting pulled over without using an active USDOT Number .

The US DOT will take away your authority in the blink of an eye. But that’s not all. The DOT can also fine your company until it doesn’t exist. (Once again, this is why financial safety protection is crucial.) With Package #2, say goodbye to worrying about basic operating authority goals.

This package provides much more than a USDOT Number.

It secures both BOC-3 and US DOT registration. You don't even need to pay the standard US DOT $300 filing fee. Instead, it’s on us.

Every trucking company must have US DOT and BOC-3 registration.

 Well, we’re here to take care of both through Package #2. Every US motor carrier needs this crucial registration to do business. Without it, any motor carrier can lose its authority to operate. Operating without authority carries serious consequences for any moving company. The US DOT could show up at your address and stop all operations. Then, months might go by before your trucking business is operating. Also, check out the Texas DOT Number


Do not make the mistake of risking losing operating authority.

Registration LLC is here to help you maintain 100 percent financial safety. That’s why our team will complete both US DOT and BOC-3 registration. Our registration experts comply with every Department of Transportation rule. We don't want you to have to stop (and then start) service at your company. Instead, Package #2 will help you stay in business for the long haul. Visit MCS-150   


Please Read About Our Other Motor Carrier & FMCSA Authority Packages


We understand that you might need more than an Active USDOT NumberBOC-3, and US DOT Number. If that’s the case, trucking package number 3, 4, or 5 is for you. You can browse the information related to these trucking authority packages. Do you have any questions about the packages? If so, please call our number at any time. One of our dedicated trucking authority team members will assist you. Learn here about Starting a Trucking Company Correctly.


Our experts are here to assist you no matter what registration needs your company has.

We can even create a custom DOT trucking registration package for you. All you need to do is ask us about the process. In only minutes, our experts will assess your unique operating authority situation. This way, your team can get authority fast, thanks to our world-class customer service.


Get in Gear & Start Trucking Now With Full Authority!



A motor carrier cannot afford to wait for the DOT or FMCSA to grant authority. Well, you don't have to wait any longer. You're about to discover why US motor carrier after motor carrier turns to us. Registration LLC is the number one resource for the trucking authority. You can get operating authority status faster through us than any other business. We know how to get a transportation company registered ASAP. Also, you're welcome to view our other operating authority packages.


Every package that we provide goes above and beyond.

Our mission is to get you a DOT Number ASAP. (Having a DOT Number is crucial for every carrier.) Our packages focus on 100 percent operating authority. But we’re about more than providing packages. Our customer service team can stay in touch with your trucking business. This is so you’ll stay on top of new FMCSA and DOT rules. This way, you can complete registration before any competitors do.


Registration LLC Represents the Apex of Complete Trucking Authority



Operating and trucking authority is crucial. There’s no better team to create authority than Registration LLC. New and established businesses depend on our packages and services. They recognize what our organization does for trucking companies.

We’re the number one US authority registration resource.

No other organization can compare. Do you want to get complete authority service today? If so,  our team is ready to help. We’re going to work hard and fast no matter which package you start with.

Our experts will not rest until each client adheres to all DOT and FMCSA safety rules.

(Let us know if you need certain authority or safety information.) We want every motor carrier to get authority ASAP. That’s why we supply service after service that provides results.


We Want Every Motor Carrier To Thrive With Compliant FMCSA & DOT Registration



Do you need the FMCSA motor carrier authority today? If so, our experts can assist you right now. Registration LLC provides registration resources for every form of the freight company. We even help freight businesses that choose to transport passengers to Mexico. We also help them adhere to unique safety and authority rules. We can help you no matter what household goods you transport. But it’s not only us that will assist you. Package #2 is waiting to help you right now. This package covers every FMCSA operating authority regulation. Sure, you’ll get a new USDOT Number. But you’ll also complete your DOT Number registration. Our team can complete DOT Number registration faster than any others. The mission that we have is to guide every freight company to success. We also guide freight brokers to success too. All you've got to do is call us right now. You can fire away any authority registration questions.


Compliance and authority matter in trucking. Any freight company can lose authority in the blink of an eye. Unless, of course, they have complete FMCSA compliance. And that is our specialty. Think of us as a broker of the best FMCSA registration resources. Our FMCSA and DOT compliance resources have no limitations. We ensure that freight companies maintain DOT authority. Package #2 is the fuel that keeps freight drivers in full compliance. How so? Because the package features all mainstay compliance resources. USDOT Number filing is a resource that we pride ourselves on. Our experts will take care of filing fast. This way, they can secure any freight company with authority. They can also run a compliance and authority assessment on your business. This way, you’ll know that you're not missing any important authority documents. We’re ready to help you maintain FMCSA operating authority for years to come. Check out Driver Qualification Files


Get DOT & Operating Authority Through Package #2 Right Now



Registration LLC is passionate about helping every business secure one-hour of authority when you provide all documents filled out that we send to you via email. That’s why we created Package #2. It contains all the authority basics that any trucking company must have. This way, trucking company owners can maintain first-rate standings with the FMCSA. Through this package, you can operate as a for-hire motor carrier with ease. Thousands of interstate commercial zone companies love this package. And we know that you will, too. Must read about DOT Compliant Drug and Alcohol Program


Do You Need FMCSA & Department of Transportation Guidelines? Contact Us Today



The FMCSA has a reputation for making operating authority guidelines complicated. Well, our experts are here to ease your pain. We provide top-rated  FMCSA resources. These resources help ensure that a carrier’s registration is simple. Our team wants freight companies to secure authority without any delay. And they're ready to answer your questions about getting authority. You're welcome to call our FMCSA compliance hotline now. We’ll instruct you about every DOT and FMCSA policy. You might even call about fuel tax questions. We can answer them! Some companies call about Mexico's international freight shipping policies. That’s another question that is fine. In fact, let our experts know if your company ships freight over to Mexico. Say that it does. We’ll provide you with much more than a new USDOT Number. Our team can help you secure a Mexico freight authority guide. That guide can contain all sorts of important FMCSA resources. This way, you can ship goods to Mexico with complete authority and safety.


Are you frustrated or confused about a certain FMCSA authority policy or Driver Qualification Files? Let us know. Our experts have the best compliance resources in the US. These resources can guide you wherever you need to go. We’ll even instruct how your trucking insurance impacts authority. We’ll make sure you keep authority and freight insurance relationships in mind. You can think of our team as a broker of extra safety insurance. In fact, safety is a key priority in all our authority packages and resources. Safety issues affect how companies transport freight. (We’ll also help you manage the financial safety of your company.) Our goal is for you to receive constant FMCSA authority. Through the best authority resources, your freight company will succeed.


Our Business Serves As the Apex of All Motor Carrier Registration Organizations



FMCSA authority and compliance is our passion. That passion has led to Registration LLC thriving. Every day, we ensure that anyone transporting freight uses great resources. We’ll do more than take care of your authority registration. The Registration LLC team is here to guide you to new heights. Our registration experts go the extra mile. They have a track record for ensuring the financial safety of carriers. We give those carriers constant authority at all times. In fact, we’re the number one broker of freight authority in the country. After a phone call with our authority experts, you’ll know why. Our compliance and authority team will go the extra mile. They make sure that businesses have financial safety by using the best resources. The FMCSA registration application process for organizations has never been this easy. And that’s due to the success of our FMCSA authority packages.


Do you doubt that your business can get authority soon? If so, please let us know. We’ll supply authority and compliance resources at the speed of light. Our experts are ready to assess your freight company needs. We can perform a check-up of all FMCSA registration documents. Why would we do that? So we know the level of authority that you have and need. Then, we’ll help you secure more authority. You don't need to call us only to buy an FMCSA authority package. You can talk to us about anything. And that includes your insurance and safety needs. Do you need to find a better insurance or freight broker? If so, we’ll help you find one that meets your authority needs. We can help any company find a broker faster than any other service. Why are we so fast? Because our team wants your company to have complete authority to move freight. Remember- your financial safety matters to us. Your safety is our safety. Our experts won’t rest until your company secures complete FMCSA authority.


Do You Have Questions Related to DOT Authority? Please Call Our Phone Number


If you have questions about Package #2, our experts can assist you on the phone now. But that’s not all. Say that you only have questions about securing DOT authority. Well, feel free to contact our customer service number ASAP. We have dedicated registration experts standing by.

They’ll go over your FMCSA authority status within minutes.

Then, our team will assist you in finding the right solution. Your trucking and financial safety needs are in good hands with us. Registration LLC is here to make your authority registration process complete. Our team can't wait to help you get operating authority right now.

Written by Scott Kester Published on April 2, 2021, 12:12 a.m.