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IFTA Sticker

Written by Nick Webster

Published on June 7, 2024, 8:16 a.m.


Get an IFTA Sticker Through Our Organization Today

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Using an active IFTA sticker is crucial for the success of any trucking company. IFTA refers to the International Fuel Tax Agreement of the US government. Our organization helps businesses renew IFTA stickers and secure new ones.

Does your trucking company operate across more than two states?

If so, then you might need to fulfill the IFTA license requirement. And FMCSA and Registration LLC is ready to assist. Please contact us right now if you're in need of getting a new IFTA sticker. We’ll take care of your request ASAP.

What Does an IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) Sticker Do?

Let’s say that you already received your IFTA license. This means that it’s now time for you to secure a set of calendar year decals. The decals apply to each qualified vehicle within the fleet of your trucking company. It’s crucial for you to ensure there’s more than one copy of your IFTA license. A copy should be placed inside each relevant vehicle in the fleet. When traversing the scenic landscapes of a Canadian province, motor vehicles traveling must adhere to specific regulations.

The purpose of IFTA is to simplify the entire USDOT and FMCSA fuel tax process.

This applies to all interstate commercial carriers in the United States. Carriers that cross more than two state lines must have IFTA licensing. They also have to display their current IFTA decals. What is IRP ?

Where Should I Put My IFTA Decal or Sticker?

The FMCSA and DOT both have certain rules about where to place IFTA decals/stickers. The first step is to attach a sticker to each side of the rear of your vehicle. This refers to the low corner of each truck or vehicle. The sticker placement process is a little different for buses. Place one sticker on both sides of the bus. Do not go farther than the back of the driver’s seat. Make sure that you place your sticker at eye level from the ground. Visit BOC-3 .

You will receive fines and/or penalties from the FMCSA and DOT if you do not apply the stickers.

Or, if you don't place the identification stickers on mandatory placement sites. That’s when the US government might enforce a fine or penalty. You also will get fined and/or penalized if you don't carry a copy of your IFTA license. Each interstate trucker should carry a copy of the license in their vehicles.

A government charge might even result in the seizing and selling of your vehicle.

The majority of IFTA stickers look identical if the stickers refer to the same year. This means that you can place any set of decals on a qualified vehicle in your fleet. Have a look at Motor Carrier Authority.

What’s the Renewal Period & Expiration Date of an IFTA Sticker?

IFTA stickers always expire every year on December 31st. Then, you’ll have until March 1st of the following year before you have to carry your IFTA license. (This refers to a current copy of the license.) You also have to display stickers for the current year on each vehicle in the fleet. That’s the case if you applied on-time to renew an IFTA license. Plus, your account must remain in good standing. Ensuring compliance necessitates obtaining a license and specifying the gross vehicle weight or registered gross weight. Moreover, participation in the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) becomes essential for efficient fuel tax reporting when crossing provincial borders.

January and February are important months for IFTA registration.

So, what happens during these months? Valid IFTA decals (and each license) get honored by IFTA member jurisdictions. This can apply instead of current-year, valid credentials for IFTA. Starting a Trucking Company Package. This agreement streamlines the process, allowing seamless movement across regions while maintaining a standardized approach to fuel tax obligations for motor carriers operating in diverse Canadian provinces.

How Much Do IFTA Stickers Cost Trucking Companies?

The annual IFTA license fee varies state by state. But do not expect that fee to cost much. As an example, it’s $10 for a California IFTA license. That license will cover all qualified motor vehicles in a fleet. There’s also a $2 charge (per-set) related to annual IFTA decals. (That number might change based on different factors for every state.) You’ll need to secure one set for every qualified motor vehicle that you're operating. This applies to operating with authority in all IFTA jurisdictions.Check out Driver Qualification Files .

Who Must Secure IFTA Decals & an IFTA License?

Let’s go over how the DOT and FMCSA define a motor vehicle qualified for IFTA. It’s a vehicle used to transport people or property. The vehicle will have two axles. The gross vehicle weight must exceed 26,000 pounds. IFTA also applies to a vehicle of any weight that has three or more axles. This type of vehicle must also have a weight that exceeds 26,000 pounds. Does your carrier operate any vehicle with these descriptions? If so, you will need to secure an IFTA license. This applies if you're based in a member state or province. Or, if your carrier operates across two or more member states or provinces. How to obtain MC Number ?

How Do I Get IFTA Stickers & an IFTA License?

Securing an IFTA license and stickers/decals is crucial for any carrier. No owner operator can succeed unless he or she has proper IFTA licensing. The easiest way to get IFTA stickers or a license is to call our organization. Our experts can take care of all paperwork on your behalf. Plus, they’ll communicate with the FMCSA and DOT until you receive your stickers. (Or, your IFTA license.) Otherwise, written below is a common method for getting a license and stickers. Visit Drug and Alcohol Program .

Does your carrier need to get an IFTA license?

If so, it must apply through your base state. The DOT website features IFTA license application forms. A form will look a little different for each base state. You can search online for your form. Type in: “IFTA application” followed by the name of your carrier’s base state. You can sometimes use these application forms to apply for more decals. Or, to make changes to your DOT account. When filling out your application, you’ll need the following information:

-Your USDOT Number

-Registered business name

-Mailing address of your carrier

-Federal business number

Next, the DOT will process your IFTA application.

That's when your base state will provide you with IFTA stickers. These decals will help you maintain good standing for the current year. If you're waiting for your decals to arrive, the DOT can fax you a temporary license. Do you have questions about getting an IFTA sticker? If so, please call our number at the bottom of this page right now. Check out DOT Authority Package .Do you know The OP-1 form is crucial for carriers that need to secure FMCSA Operating Authority.

How Long Will an IFTA License Last?

Both the IFTA license and stickers will expire every year on December 31st. Then, you've got until March 31st of the next year to secure a current IFTA license. That's when you must display the current stickers on all relevant vehicles in your fleet. Read about MCS-150 .

How Many IFTA Decals Does a Carrier Need?

Let’s say that you have ten licensed vehicles in your fleet. That means you’ll receive twenty IFTA decals. Why? Because two stickers go onto every licensed vehicle. A carrier must display one sticker one each side of a truck cab. Visit The Complete DOT Audit Checklist .

How To Calculate IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Check out IFTA Sticker Registration Say that you receive an IFTA license. It’s now time to file an IFTA fuel tax return every quarter. A carrier must do so through its base state. Let’s go over the IFTA return deadlines. The first quarter lasts from January to March. Its return deadline is April 30th. The second quarter goes from April to June. Its return deadline is July 30st. The third quarter lasts from July to September. Its return deadline is October 31st. The fourth quarter goes from October to December. Its return deadline is January 31st. How to get TEXAS DOT number ?

Keep in mind that you must track miles for every state that applies.

That’s why fleet managers and drivers should work together. This way, they can make sure there’s an accurate record of consumed fuel. Odometer readings should get recorded whenever drivers cross state lines. Fuel purchases must also get reported in an accurate manner. This applies to the total gallon fuel bought in every state. Carriers should archive receipts and invoices related to the tax of fuel.

Fuel miles related to every jurisdiction should also get calculated.

You can do so by dividing total gallons by total miles driven. That will give you the entire fuel mileage total. Check UCR registration .

FMCSA Registration LLC Simplifies IFTA Reporting

Our organization has a reputation in every state for simplifying the IFTA reporting process. Many carriers assume they have to record fuel purchases/vehicle miles in a manual way. This refers to everything from miles driven in each data to fuel receipts. Instead of manual IFTA reporting, our organization can provide you with alternatives.

Our alternatives could save you and your carrier a lot of money.

Please contact us if you’d like for us to show you some reporting options. We can even send you a tax reporting worksheet. It can track fuel purchases, driven miles, and much more. Our experts can also provide automatic IFTA reporting software. It features automatic monitoring and options for sorting costs/fuel prices per state. Visit Trucking Authority Packages .

Get an IFTA Sticker & IFTA License From Us Today

Are you ready to secure IFTA licenses and decals for your commercial trucks or fleet? If so, our trucking experts can get them for you today. All you've got to do is give us a call. Or, you're welcome to email us or message us here on our website. We can also instruct you how to track mileage and fuel usage.

Our mission is to make the tracking and reporting process simple for all customers.

If you have any questions about IFTA, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to helping your trucking company succeed. What is The FMCSA 30-Minute Break Rule ?

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