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California DOT Number

Written by Nick Webster

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 1:33 p.m.


We Help Trucking Companies Register With the CA DOT

Our organization assists all trucking companies in completing CA DOT registration. Our trucking experts will get the job done no matter what filings a carrier needs. The CA DOT refers to the California Department of Transportation. It’s also known as Caltrans. The California DOT is also part of the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA). Caltrans has its headquarters in Sacramento, California. The purpose of Caltrans is to manage California’s highway system. That includes the California Freeway and Expressway System. If your carrier needs help registering with the CA DOT, please call us right now. Our experts can take care of all your paperwork and answer your questions. What Is IRP or Apportioned Registration?

Securing a California DOT Number

Every trucking company operating in California must secure a California DOT Number. You can call us right now if you're in need of one. A CA DOT Number applies to vehicles with a GVWR over 10,001 pounds. Are you struggling to find the GVWR of your vehicle? Begin by looking at the door frame of your truck or vehicle. You’ll see a chrome tag with “GVWR” letters. Next to the letters is a number. That number refers to the maximum weight that your truck or vehicle can weigh. The state transportation department is pivotal in developing, managing, and enhancing efficient and sustainable transportation systems statewide.

A California DOT number operates as an official California Department of Transportation Number.

Each number gets assigned through the CHP. “CHP” stands for California Highway Patrol. Do you work for a motor carrier operating across California state lines? If so, you must get a CA DOT number ASAP. CA DOT rules and regulations are different for out-of-state and in-state carriers. Please contact us if you have questions about differences of motor carrier registration.

Almost all commercial vehicles must register for a California DOT Number.

Sometimes, carriers call that number a different name, like a CA DOT. Companies also call it a DOT California and DOT CA. Most commercial trucks must have the number to operate on California highways. Our organization can register you with a California DOT Number today. All you've got to do is give us a call. You're also welcome to email us or message us on our website. Having a CA DOT Number is crucial for crossing state lines. This refers to the FMCSA definition of interstate trucking authority. Say that you don't have the authority to operate on the interstate in California. And you get pulled over. You and your carrier could face huge fines and penalties from the DOT and FMCSA. That’s why it’s crucial to register a CA DOT today. Check out the BOC-3 Filing.

Dot Number in California

What Is the CA Number on Trucks For?

A CA Number refers to the Carrier Identification Number (CA #). That number gets issued through the CHP: California Highway Patrol. The CHP uses the number to identify motor carriers. Each carrier has to register its CA Number through the California DMV. Otherwise, a carrier cannot receive a Motor Carrier Permit. This applies if you work for a motor carrier that operates in California.

Where Do I Get My USDOT (DOT) Number?

Are you or your carrier needing to apply for a USDOT Number? If so, you must get your DOT Number through the FMCSA. (Keep in mind that “USDOT Number” and “DOT Number” refer to the same registration.) You can use the official FMCSA website to apply for the number online. Or, you're welcome to call our organization for help registering. We process hundreds of DOT Numbers every week for customers across the US. Our experts can help you get a DOT Number today, supported by the California Transportation Commission. They work faster and harder than any other US registration team. Check out Drug and Alcohol Program.

Who Needs an MCP in California?

An MCP refers to a Motor Carrier Permit for California vehicle operators. It applies to motor tricks with two or more axles. The GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) must exceed 10,001 pounds. The permit applies to motor vehicles that transport property for compensation. Each car that does so must secure a Motor Carrier Permit. Say that a commercial vehicle only operates within the state of California, and it has a California transportation plan. It has to have a Motor Carrier Permit. But that’s not all. That vehicle must also have a CA Number. The car must even hold a US Department of Transportation (DOT) Number. Check out MCS-150.

More Information About the CA Motor Carrier Permit

Want to know about the Motor Carrier Authority? Every commercial motor vehicle with a GVW over 10,000 pounds needs an MCP. The MCP refers to the official California Motor Vehicle Permit. The number on the permit must be displayed on each truck. Carriers use permanent lettering on trucks so that the registration status is clear. A California Motor Vehicle Permit number often gets called a different name. Many people refer to it as a “CA Number.”

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Your company's name must also go on the door of each registered truck. Or, you can place that official name on the box of the truck. Use the specific business name that you used when you registered each vehicle.

A California Motor Carrier Permit functions as a document for the CA DMV.

The permit connects to the CA DMV’s Motor Carrier Services branch. So, why is having a CA Number so important? Because it proves your carrier is registered through the California DMV. Also, the permit signifies that you've met state and federal trucking requirements. This way, you can operate each commercial vehicle in your fleet in a legal manner.

Without the CA Number (permit), your fleet cannot operate on California state highways.

A permit with an intra state permit number displays the date when your CA Number expires. Each company or carrier only receives one CA Number. The number applies to every truck and motor vehicle in a carrier's fleet. Have you not had a CA Number in the past? If so, your trucking company might have to contact the CHP: California Highway Patrol. The CHP can help you complete a Motor Carrier Profile application. Or, you can contact our organization right now for one-on-one help.

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Is Caltrans a Government Job?

Yes, Caltrans refers to the California Department of Transportation. It’s an executive department of the California state government. That department is a section of the cabinet-level California State Transportation Agency. Most people refer to it as CalSTA. The headquarters of Caltrans are in Sacramento, California. Let our organization know if you need help with any Caltrans or CA DOT registration process. We can help you file documents through any CA or federal agency, including the DOT. All about the NY HUT; New York Highway Use Tax Registration.

Getting a California (CA) DOT Number for the Trucks of a Trucking Company

Oftentimes, out-of-state carriers only need a USDOT number to drive across California. But that’s not always the case. This isn't very clear for many motor carriers and trucking companies. That’s why we recommend that your business should contact the CA DOT. (That's the California Department of Transportation.) This way, the CA DOT can let you know the exact registration that you’ll need. (Our organization can communicate with the CA DOT on your behalf.) This applies to both out-of-state carriers and CA in-state carriers. Check out the DOT Authority Package .

The California DOT will go over the specific requirements related to your carrier

This way, they can communicate with you about what registration your drivers need. The CA DOT can also help you begin the process of securing a California DOT Number. Your first step is to complete a California Carrier DOT Identification Number Application. The CA DOT can send you this application on any weekday. Visit Driver Qualification Files.

A Carrier Needs a USDOT Number Before Completing Many California Registration Processes

A carrier needs a federal ID number to complete most California registration processes. The Federal ID refers to your DOT (Department of Transportation) Number. This applies to every business that conducts transportation services as a motor carrier. Are you in need of getting a USDOT Number soon? If so, please get in touch with our organization.

We can help you secure a DOT Number ASAP.

This way. you won’t have to deal with the FMCSA on your own. (The FMCSA is responsible for issuing every USDOT Number). Our registration experts will take care of all your paperwork. They won’t rest until you receive your new DOT Number. Once you have it, you can complete almost all California registration processes. Visit MC Number.

Contact Us for CA DOT Registration Help Today

Dealing with the CA DOT is a hassle for many carriers and companies with motor vehicles. But that’s where our third-party organization steps in. Our mission is to help all California trucking businesses succeed. And we do so by taking care of all their DOT compliance registration. This applies to both state registration and federal FMCSA and DOT registration.

Our dedicated professionals never rest until a customer has complete authority.

If you need trucking authority and Operating Authority, please call us now. We can assess your unique needs within minutes and find the right filing solution. Check out the Texas DOT Number .

Our team can take care of all DOT paperwork on your behalf.

This way, you and your workers can concentrate on other business tasks. Thousands of carriers across transportation systems in California depend on our registration and compliance experts. We look forward to serving as your go-to resource for CA DOT document filing. Check out DOT Audit .

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