How To Reactivate My DOT Number

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  • Learn how to reactivate your DOT number in just a few steps. Get back on track and stay compliant with regulations.

  • Discover why your USDOT number may be inactive and what steps you can take to reactivate it and stay compliant.

  • Find out how to check the active status of your DOT number and ensure your compliance with federal regulations.

  • Understand the implications of an inactive DOT number, why it happens.

How To Reactivate My DOT Number ?

How To Reactivate My DOT Number ?

Is your DOT Number currently inactive? Get it reactivated right away through us. All you need to do is place your order right here on this web page, and our third-party FMCSA filing experts will work to get your DOT number an active status again.

Why Do I Have an Inactive USDOT Number?

Why Do I Have an Inactive USDOT Number?

There could be various reasons for the deactivation of your DOT Number. Some have been listed below:


  • Failure to submit biennial paperwork
  • Failing a safety audit
  • Not submitting a new entry audit
  • Unpaid International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) taxes
  • Having an inadequate trucking insurance policy. 


All of the above-mentioned situations can lead to the inactivation of your USDOT number. It is mandatory to regularly update your DOT Number after having it obtained.  

How Can I Know my DOT Number’s Active Status?

How Can I Know my DOT Number’s Active Status?

Effect of an Inactive DOT Number on Commercial Vehicle Operations 

 An inactive DOT status means that you are no longer compliant and hence cannot legally operate your motor vehicles. You need to have an active DOT Number to continue operating your commercial vehicles. 

To quickly assess whether your vehicles require a DOT Number in the first place, see if you conform to the checklist below: 

i. Your vehicle transports hazardous materials, 

ii. Your vehicle has more than 8 paying passengers, including the driver, or

iii. Your vehicle carries over 15 passengers without charging a fee, including the driver.

iv. Your commercial vehicle has a gross or combination weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more.

v. You plan on driving the vehicle across state lines

If you require a DOT Number as per the above list, you have to ensure it remains active in order to legally conduct your business operations.

What Does Having a DOT Number With Inactive Status Mean?

What Does Having a DOT Number With Inactive Status Mean?

Enter the details in the search bar and know your DOT Number status. Alternatively, contact FMCSA through email or call at (800) 832-5660.

Explaining the DOT Number Reactivation Procedure

You need to first rectify your non-compliance issues that rendered your DOT Number inactive. For instance, if your DOT Number is inactive due to your failure to file a biennial update, complete this requirement on priority. Having satisfied all compliance requirements, request a DOT number reactivation by submitting FMCSA's MCS-150 form

Please note that if you're transporting hazardous materials or have a hazmat endorsement for your commercial motor vehicle, you will apply through the MCS-150B form instead. Look up if you are unable to find the forms for reactivation. You can also find other helpful information related to this process on our website. 

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FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

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Questions About DOT Number Reactivation? Call Us Now!

How Much Does It Cost to Reactivate Trucking Authority?

Getting your authority to operate trucks again is one step in the return to action that cannot be dispensed with. The issue of cost is also an important for future planning and budgeting. The process of restoring your authority has a number of different elements, and here, we will break down the various costs that can be involved if reactivating is pursued.

What Are Inactive DOT Numbers?

The active status of DOT Numbers is determined by the FMCSA. When the DOT Numbers of commercial motor vehicles have not been duly and timely updated by a business, they achieve the status of inactivity, resulting in regulatory non-compliance. Until the reactivation of DOT Numbers, the law bars commercial motor vehicles from transportation.

Understanding the Fees

Costs to reactivate vary depending on how long but YR Authority has been revoked and what led to its deactivation. In general, the monetary commitment to reactivation involves more than just one payment. Listen first to the details that follow.



USDOT Number Reactivation: The agency itself requires no fee just for reactivating your USDOT number, but there may be fees associated with filing.


MC Authority Reactivation: A fee must be paid to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to get an MC Number reactivated when it has been revoked. This fee will usually be in the vicinity of $80, but it is advisable always to check the current cost from an official source like FMCSA Registration or a trusted service provider.


State and Local Fees


In your region of business, there might be state or municipal fees involved in getting operating authority reinstated. These are quite variable, so it is essential to check with the state departments of transportation.


Insurance Reinstatement


Presenting proof of sufficient insurance is a very important part of restarting your trucking business. The cost here can be quite different depending on how high a level of coverage you purchase, who is providing your policy, and various other risk factors that come into play. Talking this over with your insurance company early on is advisable.


Compliance and Administrative Costs


Meeting all FMCSA regulations may mean updating your registration and filings and possibly clearing up any unpaid fines you owe. These will be variable expenses for reactivation.


FMCSA Registration: Easing the Process


Facing the process of reviving what was once an authority to engage in trucking can be intimidating. At FMCSA Registration, we make an effort to simplify this process as much as possible. Our all-inclusive kit is designed to cover every facet of reactivation, from filing requirements down to compliance concerns.


By choosing a package from, you not only gain peace of mind but you can also be sure that the handling of your reactivation process is both efficient and accurate. This could end up saving you actual dollars due to not making common mistakes and avoiding holdups.


Key points to remember

The cost of reactivation includes items such as FMCSA fees, state and local fees, as well as insurance.


The overall cost might vary widely, as it depends on your particular situation and how long since deactivation. Engaging a specialized service provider may simplify the process and bring down unplanned costs. 

To sum up, while there are costs associated with reinstating your authority to operate a trucking business, knowing the price in advance smooths the process. Utilizing help from experts like FMCSA Registration offers a complete service to guide you through every possible obstacle, so there will be no unnecessary glitches or setbacks on your return to business.

For us to process your reactivation request, we require the information stated hereunder:

  • Your MC Number
  • The legal name of the carrier
  • The person/company name on the check or money order (if applicable)
  • Billing address of the credit card (if paying by credit card)
  • Contact number where we can reach you
  • Signature and date
  • Email address (if available)

An inactive DOT Number could mean that you have outstanding IFTA taxes, expired trucking insurance, or your biennial update form has not been filed. To stay compliant with FMCSA regulations, make sure all necessary forms and documents are filed properly. 

Before you move ahead, it is important to appreciate that there is a difference between reactivating a DOT and a Motor Carrier (MC) number. A DOT number is usually revoked because of not filing the biennial update or due to poor safety scores. On occasion, a DOT number can also be deactivated if the MC becomes inactive or has its own revocation. 

If an MC number is revoked, the carrier can disassociate it from the DOT number by filing an MCS-150 form. Filing this form allows carriers to keep their business operations running smoothly and legally. 

How Can I Reinstate My USDOT Number or MC Number?

Reactivation of your USDot or MC number follows a similar path to its inception and is essential in getting your lawful business rolling again. Here’s a brief outline of what you need to do:

Required updates and corrections


Make sure that all of the updates, corrections, and compliance requirements that are necessary have been taken care of. This will include the Biennial Update, updating your insurance, and taking care of any compliance flags that may show up.


Submit Proof of Insurance


Insurance companies need to file proof of current insurance from themselves directly with the FMCSA when the re-in statement is necessary detailing their coverage.


Pay All Required Fees


Some reactivations can entail charges such as reactivation fees or penalties for compliance violations. Determine if there are any charges owed and find some way to get them paid off.


Contact FMCSA Or Use FMCSA Registration Services


For clarity and help, the FMCSA itself can be contacted or services of FMCSA Registration you can take advantage of in order to get back your standing. Using a service like makes it simpler to reinstate yourself when expert advice will guide


Documentation and Waiting Period


Check once more to see that the documents you have submitted are correct and complete. After submission, there may be a time lag as FMCSA processes your request.



Substantiating or reinstating your USDOT or MC number is a crucial step towards keeping your transportation business environment-friendly and trouble-free. By following these orderly steps while seeking counsel when necessary, you can accomplish the task with assurance. For a custom-designed approach, you could think about using dedicated services from FMCSA Registration that will offer bespoke advice and help throughout this process.


What Do Transportation Professionals Think?


Most carriers already know how crucial it is to keep a DOT number handy and up-to-date. With the right preparations and tools, reactivation or restatement at this moment should generally be smooth and short in duration, leaving you time to concentrate on those things that really matter best in running a safe and efficient transport system!

Important Points To Keep in Mind About DOT Number Reactivation

 If you are a business owner, it is important to be aware that when you reactivate an inactive tracking number, the information will remain on your permanent record, known as the motor carrier identification report. This report is publicly available and contains any times you have gone inactive or been placed out of service. 

Therefore, it is important to understand the implications of having this information present in order to make wise decisions for your business. You will then have the ability to maintain complete motor carrier authority or broker.  

It cannot always be avoided, but it is essential to make every effort to minimize record entries that could create a negative impression for prospective clients seeking a trustworthy carrier. Doing so will demonstrate the reliability of the business and help maintain good relationships with customers. You will need driver qualification files filed out by all employees who drive for you.  

At, we prioritize getting your DOT number up and running quickly. We are here to answer all your questions and concerns about DOT number reactivation. We promise professionalism, experience, and expertise to our clients. Trust us to take care of the hassle for you. Get in touch now! 

Written by Scott Kester Published on March 9, 2023, 4:54 a.m.