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Authority Revocation

Written by Nick Webster

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 3:58 p.m.


Voluntary authority revocation refers to revoking almost any specific type of operating authority with the FMCSA. To do so, you must complete Form OCE-46. This is the official Request for Revocation of Registration document. Fill out the document by designating the exact operating authority you need to be revoked. There is a reason for request of revocation” line where you will input this information. Then, you must sign the form and file it with the FMCSA.

Remember that our organization can take care of the voluntary revocation of your operating authority at any time. Our experts are standing by to assist you right now. Please give them a call at 1-866-477-0707 to get started. Read here about Starting a Trucking Company Correctly.

What Is the FMCSA?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an agency within the US Department of Transportation (DOT). It was established in 2000 after Congress passed the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act. What is the DOT SAP Program?

The FMCSA aims to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses by promoting safety throughout the motor carrier industry. To do this, the FMCSA has developed regulations that cover areas such as driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, and inspection, hours-of-service for drivers, cargo securement, commercial driver's license standards, and more. They also work to ensure that carriers comply with all applicable laws and regulations through their audit program. How To Request the DOT PIN Number?

How Do I Voluntarily Revoke My FMCSA Operating Authority?

Here is how to revoke your operating authority with the FMCSA:

  • If you wish to revoke your FMCSA operating authority voluntarily, you must submit a written request to the FMCSA.
  • Your request should include your business name, USDOT Number, and any other identifying information that the FMCSA may require.
  • Once received, the FMCSA will review your request and take necessary steps toward revoking your authority.
  • It is important to note that voluntary revocation does not release you from any outstanding liabilities or financial obligations associated with operating under the authority granted by the FMCSA.
  • All previous fees paid for registration of your business are nonrefundable and must still be honored. Visit the DOT Authority Package, which contains tips to prepare for 2022 DOT Week filings in minutes.

What is Voluntary Revocation of Operating Authority Registration?

This is a process through which motor carriers can voluntarily give up their operating authority and end their business operations. Carriers must go through this process officially, as it helps them avoid being held liable for any unresolved violations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that may have occurred during their tenure. That way, they can close out their business on the right note. How To Request the DOT PIN Number?

  • So, if you're considering ending your motor carrier business operations, make sure you look into voluntary revocation of operating authority registration! It'll help protect you in the long run. How do you get an Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit?

What Does Involuntary Revocation Mean With the FMCSA?

Involuntary revocation of authority with the FMCSA is a severe action the agency takes when carriers/companies have failed to comply with any of the regulations outlined in 49 CFR Part 390-397. This may include violations such as failing to maintain satisfactory safety ratings, not paying registration fees, or failing to provide complete and accurate information on their applications for vehicle registration. What is Unified Carrier Registration?

An involuntary revocation will mean that the company's operating authority is no longer valid, and it can no longer transport cargo interstate. The carrier must apply for reinstatement before they can resume their operations again. Reinstatement follows an investigation and audit process that can take several months to complete. Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended topics.

What Are the Steps for Interstate Carriers That Suspend Operations?

Follow these steps to suspend the operations of your interstate carrier:

  • Notify the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the suspension in writing.
  • Surrender all active operating authority to FMCSA and submit a copy of the letter indicating that you have done so.
  • Provide proof of financial responsibility, such as a surety bond or trust fund certificate, depending on your type of trucking operations.
  • Submit a signed statement confirming that no operating authority is being transferred to another entity or individual.
  • Closely monitor your compliance with federal regulations related to financial responsibility while in operation.
  • Contact any shippers or receivers who may be impacted by this action and arrange for alternate carriers if necessary. Importance of The FMCSA 30-Minute Break Rule.

What Is FMCSA Form OCE-46?

FMCSA Form OCE-46 is an important form for commercial drivers who are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's regulations. This form is used by the FMCSA to collect information about any out-of-service orders issued to drivers or motor carriers during roadside inspections and investigations. Also, take a look at the Drug and Alcohol Program policy.

Terms of the form help ensure that commercial drivers adhere to the agency's standards of safety, as well as help track their performance. So if you're a driver, make sure you have your copy of this form handy in case it comes up! Otherwise, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Taking care of business has never been more important than when it comes to staying safe on the road. What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement?

What Is FMCSA Operating Authority?

Operating Authority (also known as a "USDOT Number") is the official permission you need to operate a motor carrier business in interstate commerce. Many people don’t realize how important this is, but it can mean the difference between success and failure when running your own business. With an Operating Authority, companies can safely transport goods between states, which makes them eligible for more potential customers. It also shows that you have taken the necessary steps to protect everyone involved in your business. What is Unified Carrier Registration?

How Do I Reinstate My Trucking Authority?

First, you must contact the (FMCSA) and request that your authority be reinstated. Then, provide the FMCSA with all of the information they require to process your request, such as:

  • Your USDOT number.
  • Details about any changes since you last held authority.
  • Documentation that confirms your company's insurance coverage.

You may also need to provide proof of financial responsibility if you are a for-hire carrier. Once you submit the necessary paperwork, the FMCSA will review it and determine whether or not to reinstate your authority. If approved, they will send you a notice confirming this. Read about Texas DOT Numbers and USDOT Numbers. Learn here How to Prepare for a Compliance DOT Audit.

Summary: What Is Voluntary Revocation of FMCSA Authority?

Written below is a summary of what voluntary revocation of FMCSA authority involves. If you have any questions or need help getting your operating authority revoked, do not hesitate to call our third-party organization. We’re prepared to assist you and your trucking company at any time.

  • Voluntary revocation of FMCSA authority is a process where motor carriers choose to surrender their federal operating authority registration.
  • This decision may be taken for various reasons, including financial hardship, changing business goals, or simply not meeting the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, visit the link.
  • An FMCSA official must approve a voluntary revocation and require that all outstanding fines and fees be paid in full.
  • After the application has been approved, operators will have 180 days to return vehicles used for business purposes and dispose of hazardous materials.
  • Upon completion of these steps, the operator’s FMCSA number will become inactive.
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