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Can Two Companies Use the Same DOT Number?

Written by Nick Webster

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 3:44 p.m.


Can Two Companies Use the Same DOT Number? Multiple Companies and DOT Number

“Can two companies use the same DOT number?” is an excellent and essential question. Yup, two companies can have the same DOT number. However, this isn't something you see too often since each company must be uniquely identified by its own individual number. How To Request the DOT PIN Number?

The US Department of Transportation issues unique and permanent numbers so that there is no confusion between different companies or entities. So, if you're out there looking for a DOT number for your business, make sure to do your due diligence and ensure that you don't duplicate someone else's! That way, you can stay safe and keep yourself from getting into any trouble down the line. Good luck out there! Read here about Starting a Trucking Company Correctly.

When Can You Legally Have Two or More DOT Numbers?

You can have two or more DOT numbers in some circumstances. You may need multiple DOT numbers if you operate in various states and if your vehicles move between different types of commercial operations (i.e., interstate, intrastate, for-hire, private). Having more than one DOT number also allows you to keep track of the activity and performance of each division of your fleet. What is the DOT SAP Program?

It is important to note that having multiple DOT numbers does not exempt you from complying with all applicable federal regulations. Therefore, it is essential to be informed about the rules for each type of operation and ensure that all requirements are met. It is also essential to check with the relevant state motor vehicle office before registering for a second DOT number. Visit the DOT Authority Package, which contains tips to prepare for 2023 DOT Week filings in minutes. How do you get an Oregon Trip And Fuel Permit?

Can You Transfer USDOT Numbers?

No, USDOT numbers are not transferable. Operating authorities, or MC numbers, however, can be transferred. That's because each USDOT number functions as a unique identifier for tracking the safety record of an individual carrier. Moving a USDOT number would be equivalent to transferring the entire safety history from one entity to another. That is something that just isn't allowed by the FMCSA. Therefore, if a merger or acquisition results in a new legal entity being created, a unique USDOT number must also be obtained. Must visit FMCSA Hours of Service Suspended topics.

What Is a DOT Number?

Here are the basics of what a DOT number is:

  • A DOT Number is a unique seven-digit number issued by the United States Department of Transportation that identifies motor carriers operating in interstate commerce.
  • It is used to track and monitor safety records, insurance coverage, and other important information relating to commercial road transportation.
  • All motor carriers must obtain a DOT Number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration before operating commercially.
  • The DOT Number also serves as an official identifier for the carrier when dealing with law enforcement officers on the roads.
  • Carriers must update their information with the FMCSA every year, or whenever there are changes such as ownership or operations.

If a carrier does not provide updated information, it can result in the suspension or revocation of authority. Also, take a look at the Drug and Alcohol Program policy.

Can One Person Own Two Trucking Companies?

  • Sure! Owning two trucking companies is totally possible. All you need is the capital to invest, a business plan, and proper licensing. You'll also need to ensure that your two businesses have distinct identities and don't overlap in terms of services offered or locations serviced. This way, they can both benefit from one another without causing too much competition or confusion. Must visit the website link.

How Do I Add Another Truck to My DOT Number?

Here is how to add another truck to your current DOT number:

  • Contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to update your Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCIR) with additional trucks.
  • Visit the FMCSA website and fill out an application for additional vehicles under your DOT number.
  • Submit supporting documents along with your application, such as proof of registration for each truck, vehicle inspection report, and driver qualification files.
  • Wait for approval from the FMCSA before adding any new trucks to your fleet.
  • Once approved, you can add more trucks under your DOT number. It is important to keep accurate records and track all vehicles in use at all times. Failure to do so can result in penalties or fines from the FMCSA. What is DOT Clearinghouse Enforcement?

What Is the Difference Between a USDOT and an MC Number?

So, what's the difference between a USDOT and an MC number? A USDOT number is a unique identifier that’s assigned to motor carriers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA. This number allows carriers to operate across state lines and it helps FMCSA track them. Read about Texas DOT Numbers and USDOT Numbers.

An MC number, on the other hand, is an identification number issued by FMCSA to interstate motor carriers of property who transport cargo in commerce. It’s designed to ensure that these carriers comply with safety regulations set forth by federal law. In short, if you plan on hauling goods across state lines for money then you need both a USDOT and MC number—no question about it! Learn here How to Prepare for a Compliance DOT Audit.

Can I Use the Same DOT Number for Multiple Trucks?

No, the Department of Transportation number is specific to one company. Each operating truck must have its own DOT number for the company or owner to whom it belongs. This helps ensure that the government can easily identify and track each car for safety and compliance with regulations. When registering a vehicle, you must provide your DOT number and other information, such as motor information and vehicle type. Check out The Basics of Farm Exemptions. You will then be able to maintain complete motor carrier or broker authority. Active DOT holders can add additional vehicles to their profile.

The same DOT number cannot be used for any two or more vehicles. Additionally, when transferring ownership of a car, it is essential to update the DOT registration to maintain accurate records of all registered vehicles. Having unique identification numbers for each truck makes it easier for the government to monitor and regulate commercial transportation operations across state lines. Also, visit the link.

How Do I Keep My DOT Number Active?

This is how to keep the DOT number of your company active:

  • Keep records of your safety performance. This includes tracking accidents, hazardous material injuries, violations, and inspections.
  • Document all fees and payments associated with your DOT number - you must keep track of all fees paid to the FMCSA and any other agencies that are related to trucking operations.
  • Make sure your insurance coverage is up-to-date and compliant with federal regulations.
  • Submit an update to your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) when necessary - this should be done at least once a year.
  • Report any changes in ownership or management as soon as possible.
  • Update contact information for yourself or anyone else associated with the business regularly. You will need driver qualification files filed out by all employees who drive for you working.

What Is the USDOT Number Requirement Policy (MC-RS-2019-0001.1)?

  • If you're a US truck driver, you need to know about the USDOT Number Requirement Policy (MC-RS-2019-0001.1). This policy requires all registered commercial motor carriers operating on public roads to have a unique 7-digit USDOT number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. So, if you're driving a truck and hauling goods, get your own USDOT number and show it whenever asked! It'll save you from having some major headaches down the road. Also, take a look at what IRP or Apportioned Registration is.

Will I Get in Trouble If I Use the Same DOT Number As Another Company?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes! Using the same DOT number as another company can lead to serious legal issues. It can be seen as fraud and could result in hefty fines or even a criminal sentence. Even if you didn't intentionally try to take someone else's number, it still can have serious repercussions. It's also important to note that many states require companies operating within their borders to register with them directly, regardless of federal DOT registration. Also, visit the link.

How Do I Avoid Having the Same DOT Number as Another Business?

Avoiding having the same DOT number as another business is actually quite simple. The first step is to make sure you register your business with the FMCSA. This will ensure that you receive a unique and valid DOT number for your business. It's also important to keep detailed records of all your vehicles and drivers, if applicable. This information should include:

  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Year manufactured
  • License plate numbers
  • VINs

Another essential way to avoid having the same DOT number as someone else is by regularly checking the FMCSA’s database for any changes or discrepancies in registered businesses. Visit BOC-3

Summary: So, Can Two Businesses Use the Same USDOT Number?

Please keep the information written below in mind when it comes to USDOT number registration. If you have any questions or need help registering a USDOT number, do not hesitate to call our company. We are standing by to write you or your business with a new USDOT number; plus, we can also make registration changes to any existing number.

  • No, two businesses cannot use the same USDOT number.
  • Every commercial motor vehicle company must have its unique USDOT number.
  • Even if both companies are under the same name and owned by the same person, each one needs its own USDOT number to comply with federal regulations.
  • Violations of this rule could lead to fines and other penalties from the FMCSA.
  • Businesses can apply for an additional USDOT number if they need one. They should provide all necessary paperwork, such as proof of identity, ownership information, and any other documents required by their state or local government to receive their new USDOT number.
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