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  • All motor carriers operating within New York State

  • Provide proof of the number on most NY permit applications

  • Regulations are strict when it comes to displaying USDOT Numbers

  • All intrastate carriers need DOT NY Numbers

Receive a New York DOT Number ASAP


If your carrier travels within New York State, it's time to get a New York DOT Number. All motor carriers operating within the state must secure an active number. Otherwise, the DOT and FMCSA can fine a carrier into nonexistence. Our organization is the number one resource for DOT Number registration. We’ve helped thousands of intrastate and interstate carriers operate in New York. Today, we’re prepared to help your own business get registered with the nys dot. You are welcome to order a USDOT Number here on this page. Or, you can call our third-party organization and order the number over the phone. Figure out what kind of trucking authority packages you need & we do the rest. The first step is to apply for Broker Authority through the FMCSA.

Do I Need a USDOT # in NY?


Do you operate a business truck with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) over 10,001 pounds? Or, do you use a trailer and truck combination with a GCWR above 10,001 pounds? If you answered “yes” to either question, that means you need to get a DOT Number. Otherwise, your carrier cannot operate within the state of New York. Check out our DOT Authority Package.


Basic USDOT # Guidelines

Basic USDOT # Guidelines

FMCSA and DOT have strict rules in place for drug and alcohol testing. All carriers within New York have to secure a USDOT Number. This includes all individual permit applicants in the state. You must even provide proof of the number on most NY permit applications. This is an official NY State DOT policy for the permit automation system. The New York State DOT must adhere to CVISN. What is CVISN? It is the national Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks. Through CVISN, a DOT Number functions as a unique identifier of each motor carrier. In the past, the New York State DOT used a Permit Account Number to track carriers. According to the DOT, that number no longer holds value. Instead, every carrier has to have an active USDOT Number. Otherwise, a carrier cannot travel in the state of New York. Get a New Hampshire DOT Number Right Now. Need an MC Number? We’ll Supply Any Motor Carrier With MC number.


The last thing your carrier needs is confusion and last minute delays. That’s why we recommend that you secure a DOT NY Number today. This way, your business can use the number on all DOT and FMCSA permit applications. The number can affect all sorts of NY State permits. From special hauling permits to Divisible Load Overweight Permits. The easiest way to get a USDOT NY Number is to order one on this web page. But you can also call our offices and order the number over the phone. When registering, make sure that you state if you're an intrastate/interstate carrier. Do you know if you need a Pennsylvania DOT Number?


How Can I Figure Out My GVWR or GCWR?


Oftentimes, a vehicle gets registered by the DOT through the same weight as a GVWR. But that is not always the case. So, what’s the first step toward finding out what your GVWR is? It is to examine your vehicle. Does your carrier use a standard truck? If so, a GVWR should get printed and already exist inside a door jam. Or, you might find the GVWR in the glove box or behind the driver's seat. If you use a trailer, you should see the GVWR on the tongue. Buy a New Michigan DOT Number now. The MCS-90 serves as an official legal endorsement. Carriers across the US and California depend on our CA Number services.


Does your carrier need to figure out the gross combination weight rating GCWR? If so, add the GVWR of a trailer to the GVWR of a truck. The total number serves as the GCWR that you can submit to the DOT. It is the max weight that a manufacturer rates its vehicles. This involves both the max load weight and weight of each vehicle. Do you have questions about finding the GVWR or GCWR? If so, please call our organization at any time. Get a North Carolina DOT Number today.

Displaying Your New USDOT #

Displaying Your New USDOT #

New York State DOT regulations are strict when it comes to displaying USDOT Numbers. These DOT regulations apply to any intrastate or interstate motor carrier. That’s because the DOT uses the number to recognize your carrier or business. Because of this, the number must go onto all commercial motor vehicles in operation. Please read below to learn the specific vehicle marking criteria by the NY State DOT. If you have questions, feel free to call Registration LLC. Also, check out how to get an Illinois DOT Number.


NY State USDOT # Vehicle Marking


Each vehicle registered with the New York DOT must get marked on both sides. The marking must feature the legal business name or DBA. Each name should appear the same as it does on your USDOT number registration. Lettering has to appear in a contrasting color compared to the background color. The DOT states that the lettering must appear readable from 50 feet away. We recommend a minimum of 2 inches high for all DOT Number lettering. Keep in mind there are extra marking regulations for operating vehicles in New York City. Please contact us if you have questions about DOT policies for marking a vehicle in New York City. If you need DOT Number Deactivation services to save your time and money, then contact us! DOT Number is required to file a biennial MCS-150 update.


Updating the USDOT # Information of a Carrier (Biennial Updates)

Updating the USDOT # Information of a Carrier (Biennial Updates)

New York State/Federal DOT regulations enforce that Biennial Updates must take place. This way, New York carriers can update their DOT NY Number information every two years. So, when does a DOT Biennial Update of your carrier take place? It's based on the final two digits of your DOT Number. Is the second to last number (digit) even? If so, you have to update your DOT information on even-number years. Now, say the last number (digit) is odd. That means your carrier must perform a DOT Biennial Update during odd-number years. We can help apply for a USDOT number with Texas DOT Number.


The last digit of your DOT Number has to do with the month your information is due. The number 1 is for January. Number 2 is for February. Number 3 is for March. You get the idea. Does your carrier need help preparing for a DOT Biennial Update? If so, please contact Registration LLC at any moment. Our DOT registration team can help you execute this USDOT update with ease. Get a Rhode Island DOT Number now.


NY USDOT Numbers Are for All Vehicles Over 10,001 Pounds


Did you know that the New York State DOT has updated its regulations? New nys dot regulations enforce that all vehicles over 10,001 pounds must have DOT Numbers. This applies to all trucks, including trucks that have agricultural plates. The weight can get determined through either the GVW or GVWR. (GVW refers to the Gross Vehicle Weight. GVWR refers to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.) Whichever weight is greater counts as the weight that the New York State DOT uses. Check out how to get Tennessee DOT Number.


Very few exemptions exist for this new DT rule. Please call Registration LLC if you need more information about the policy. The New York DOT rule applies to both intrastate and interstate motor vehicles. Interstate vehicles in New York State become subject to routine DOT safety audits. Let our organization know if you need help preparing for a DOT safety audit. Buy an Arizona DOT Number here. How Do You Get a Freight Contract?

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FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

James Cameron

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My organization has been securing DOT Numbers, MC Numbers, UCR Registration, and all other FMCSA requirements from FMCSA Registration LLC for well over a decade. Why? Their services are lightning-fast, their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to make sure that we maintain full compliance at all times. A+++.

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Secure NY Intrastate Motor Carrier Authority Now

DOT Numbers are not only for interstate motor vehicles in New York. A DOT Number is also for every interstate motor carrier operating in New York State. All intrastate carriers need DOT NY Numbers. Otherwise, they cannot operate within any part of New York State. It’s time for your intrastate carrier to use the superb services of Registration LLC. Through our DOT resources, you can receive DOT intrastate motor carrier authority. That authority is for carrying loads in any trailer, truck, or van in New York State. Who Needs a New Mexico Weight Distance Permit.


The NY DOT is very strict when it comes to assessing the actions of intrastate carriers. That’s why the Department of Transportation uses DOT Numbers. Each number tracks a vehicle and the motor carrier representing the vehicle. Are you unsure if your business needs to get intrastate motor carrier authority? If so, please call our DOT New York experts right now. We can go over your information and determine if you need intrastate authority. If you do need intrastate authority, then we can get right to work on providing a DOT Number. This way, your business can operate all over the state of New York. Your drivers will have access to all New York State roads and highways. Kentucky DOT Number must get displayed on the vehicle of the intrastate carrier.




NY HUT (Highway Use Tax) Registration Services




New York State uses its own truck mileage tax called HUT. It stands for Highway Use Tax. The tax applies to many carriers operating vehicles across New York State highways. If you need help registering for HUT, please call our organization at any time. Our DOT experts can go over the basics of the truck mileage tax with you. Check Starting a Trucking Company Package


Keep in mind that the NY truck mileage tax functions as a DOT weight-distance tax. The tax gets computed based on miles traveled. In this case, it is the miles traveled by carrier vehicles across public highways in New York. The exact rate of the tax gets based on the weight of every motor carrier vehicle. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance oversees HUT policies. Our organization can communicate with both that department and the NY DOT. This way, we can make sure that your carrier’s charged the right amount. We can provide you with a Indiana DOT Number today.




Is Your NY Carrier Ready To Travel Within the State?




Are you in need of help with UCR: Unified Carrier Registration ? If your carrier’s getting prepared to travel in New York, the first step is to secure a DOT Number. And that's where our organization comes into play. We can help your business get a DOT Number today. All you've got to do is order the number on this page or give us a call. Next thing you know, you can travel anywhere within the state of New York. Our NY DOT registration team looks forward to helping your motor carrier succeed.


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