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  • The MCS-90 serves as an official legal endorsement

  • A motor carrier has to provide official proof of responsibility

  • An MCS-90 ensures that no financial consequences will take place

  • Each motor carrier has three options for meeting specific insurance minimums

Secure an MCS-90 Endorsement & Registration Today: We’re Ready To File Your Form

Secure an MCS-90 Endorsement & Registration Today: We’re Ready To File Your Form

If you're a motor carrier in need of an MCS-90 endorsement our organization can assist.

We’ll help you fill out and file your MCS-90 form through the services on this page. Or, you can call us at any time for help related to the MCS-90 . The MCS-90 serves as an official legal endorsement. It must get attached to the auto liability policy of many regulated motor carriers. This way, each carrier can ensure that federal/mandated coverage is in place. The process is for environmental restitution coverage and required liability limits.



Keep in mind that the MCS-90 endorsement doesn’t provide actual insurance.

Except from the perspective of a reimbursement basis.) You're welcome to order an MCS-90 endorsement filing and BOC-3 from us on this page. Or, please call us with any questions you have about the endorsement. Our trucking experts are standing by to assist you and your motor carrier . with affordable trucking authority packages .


What Is the MCS-90 & How Does It Affect the Trucking Insurance of Motor Carriers?


Trucking professionals can get frustrated when figuring out what the MCS-90 form is. Don't panic if you're unsure of what the form provides. The FMCSA is sometimes not clear about it and causes confusion for truckers. But to understand FMCSA regulations , you've got to know the basics of the MCS-90. This endorsement originated through the Federal Motor Carrier Act of 1980.


The act affects every motor carrier within interstate and for-hire commerce.

These carriers must have proof of financial responsibility and DOT Authority . That responsibility refers to meeting certain minimums set forth by state laws. A motor carrier has to provide official proof of responsibility. And our organization is here to help you do so today.

Why You Need FMCSA Registration LLC To File an MCS-90 Today

Why You Need FMCSA Registration LLC To File an MCS-90 Today

Having active MCS-90 registration and MC Number is crucial to the success of US motor carriers.

The MCS-90 serves as a guarantee that a carrier has a specific source of funds. This way, a carrier can pay for loss when an insured party faces legal liability. This is a guarantee that does more than protect US motor carriers. It also assists the public and all vehicle drivers on the road. An MCS-90, OP-1 Form ensures that no financial consequences will take place. (If a motor carrier is operating without required minimums in place.) The MCS-90 covers every vehicle maintained, operated, and owned by the insured carrier. It can apply even if a specific motor vehicle isn’t listed in an insurance policy.


Say that a claim gets paid out through an MCS-90 and Texas Dot Number. This means that an insurance company can recoup its losses. The insurance company will do so by subrogating claims paid against a carrier. That’s a key reason why carriers must list all equipment on its scheduled unit policy. And our organization can take care of this process for you.


Our trucking registration experts understand how confusing and complex the MCS-90 is.

That’s why we provide the most simple and straightforward endorsement services in the US. Our mission is to ensure that every motor carrier can conduct an MCS-90 filing with ease. Sure, the MCS-90 endorsement doesn’t provide insurance itself. But it’s a crucial component of any carrier’s portfolio. The endorsement helps insurers and motor carriers alike protect themselves. And if you need this protection, our team can get right to work. We won’t rest until your MCS-90 endorsement and other endorsement like BOC-3 is complete.


US Carriers Have Three Options for Meeting Insurance Minimums


Each motor carrier has three options for meeting specific insurance minimums. The minimums vary based on the laws within every state. Here are the three options that each carrier has:


-A motor carrier can opt to self-insure its entire company trucking contracts .

Through self-insurance, a carrier states that it has financial responsibility in place. This way, the carrier can cover any type of claim originating from company negligence. Then, the carrier has a legal liability to pay.


-The second proof of responsibility option for a motor carrier involves a surety bond.

A carrier can prove financial responsibility through using one single surety bond. Every surety bond serves as a promise that party #1 can pay on behalf of party #2. Party #1 refers to a party that issues the surety bond. And party #2 is the party that receives the bond and CA DOT . This situation takes place if one party fails to pay the other party.


-The third option that a motor carrier has focuses on procuring insurance.

A carrier can do so through the standard market. Let’s say that a carrier chooses this option. This means it must secure an MCS-90 endorsement. And our organization is a national leader in providing endorsements. Keep in mind that our experts can guide your carrier through any of these options 30 Minutes Authority .

What Is an MCS-90 Filing?

What Is an MCS-90 Filing?

An MCS-90 filing serves as an endorsement that goes toward an auto liability policy, IRP . Variations can take place based on the ISO Business Auto Coverage Form and DOT Audit . Carriers might experience other variations when filing coverage forms. This includes the FMCSA Motor Carrier Form. An MCS-90 filing focuses on issues of public liability and/or environmental restoration. Do you have questions about coverage forms or DOT Sap Program ? If so, do not hesitate to call the FMCSA Registration LLC team .


Who Needs the MCS-90?


US federal regulations feature strict language about securing an MCS-90 endorsement. The endorsement is for any CMV operating, dot clearing as insured with motor carrier authority. (“CMV” refers to a commercial motor vehicle.) The MCS-90 is also needed for all private carriers that transport hazardous materials. Most people have not even heard of the MCS-90 endorsement. But it’s crucial for motor carriers to maintain compliance with the DOT and FMCSA. It even helps drivers recover compensation when motor vehicle injuries take place.


What Is the MCS-90 “Endorsement”?


An MCS-90 “endorsement” serves as a legal attachment to an insurance policy. This refers to a policy issued from an insurance company to a US motor carrier. Every endorsement functions as legal proof of compliance. It means a carrier has adhered to federal regulations that enforce financial requirements.


What Is an MCS-90 Insurance Form?


Here is the official name of the MCS-90 insurance form. The FMCSA refers to it as “Form MCS-90” for short. But here’s the full name. “Endorsement for Motor Carrier Policies of Insurance for Public Liability under Sections 29 and 30 of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980.” You can locate this form on the official FMCSA government website. Or, our organization can provide the form and help you fill it out. Plus, through this page, you can have us do the entire MCS-90 filing on your behalf. Hundreds of carriers depend on our MCS-90 filing services every week.

How MCS-90 Insurance Liability Minimums Work

How MCS-90 Insurance Liability Minimums Work

Terms of an MCS-90 endorsement vary.

They're based on the level of commercial auto insurance coverage that a carrier has. But every MCS-90 filing features dollar-value minimums. Sometimes the minimum is less than what motor carriers expect. But the MCS-90 max amount is often the same amount as an underlying policy. US federal regulations govern all MCS-90 endorsements, DOT Pin Number . Liability minimums will differ based on the type of goods that your truck carries:


-$750,000 liability minimum for trucks transporting non-hazardous property.


-$1,000,000 liability minimum for trucks transporting hazardous waste and oil. This liability minimum sometimes applies to other forms of hazardous substances.


-$5,000,000 liability minimum for small trucks transporting specific hazardous materials.


-$5,000,000 liability minimum for large trucks transporting specific hazardous substances.




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Great Services!

FMCSA Registration LLC has been a life-saver for my company. They ensure that my employees comply with all FMCSA regulations. We haven’t been fined or penalized in many years. And I owe that to the great folks at FMCSA Registration LLC. They are the only third-party registration service that I trust.

James Cameron

Owner of a moving company

My organization has been securing DOT Numbers, MC Numbers, UCR Registration, and all other FMCSA requirements from FMCSA Registration LLC for well over a decade. Why? Their services are lightning-fast, their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to make sure that we maintain full compliance at all times. A+++.

Alicia Walker

Vice President of an interstate carrier

Secure Environmental Restitution Coverage Now

Sometimes a policy limit is low for standard trucks transporting basic property. Why? Because the MCS-90 serves as an official guarantee against environmental damage. This is where the legal basis of environmental restitution comes into play and you should avoid DOT Violations. Think of environmental restitution through the MCS-90 this way. Cargo spills are more dangerous when a truck transports “hazardous” cargo. This type of trucking accident will cause more damage than other cargo-related ones. Then, it’s expensive for the clean-up phase to take place. That’s why most hazardous material carriers file for environmental restitution coverage. And our organization helps them by filling out their MCS-90 forms. Certain trucking insurance policies even include a pollution exclusion. The exclusion gets modified whenever environmental restitution coverage goes into effect CSA Scores.


We’re Ready To File Your MCS-90 Forms Right Now


If you're a motor carrier in need of MCS-90 filing, this is the page for you. Please scroll up to buy our MCS-90 endorsement filing service. If you have any questions about the filing process, do not hesitate to call us. You're also welcome to send us an email or even a message on our website. 


Our trucking experts have decades of FMCSA and DOT registration experience. They won’t rest until your trucking company meets all requirements for insurance. We know more about commercial auto policies than any other organization. And we’re ready to share our wealth of MCS-90 knowledge with you right now. Our team can go policy by policy with you at any moment. This way, we can ensure your motor carrier is operating with authority. We understand how complicated MCS-90 filing with insurance companies can seem. That’s why our team is here to make your life easier. Through our services, you can receive an MCS-90 endorsement ASAP.
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