Written by Jason Rocky

Published on March 25, 2021, 4:37 p.m.

What Exactly Is an UCR?

UCR is an abbreviation of Unified Carrier Registration. It’s a registration system mandated at the US federal level. It registers the operators of commercial vehicles. This applies to anyone who takes part in interstate travel. Annual registration must get renewed every year by December 31. You can register UCR for the upcoming year starting on October 1. Checkout Trucking Authority Packages .

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The UCR process functions as a state permit system.

Both interstate carriers and brokers must have this permit. Do you already have a USDOT, Texas DOT Number , MC, or FF number? If so, you should do the UCR Registration right away. Otherwise, you might not hold state-level compliance. That can lead to serious FMCSA fines and penalties. Check out FMCSA Registration .

Carriers Must Take Part in the UCR Program

Do you not have UCR registration right now? If so, it’s crucial that you secure it as soon as you can. Why? Because unregistered motor carriers can face significant fines when crossing state lines. But that’s not all. A carrier could have its trucks pulled off the road without UCR registration. Let’s now go into detail about who needs a UCR. Keep reading to ensure that your company stays compliant with DOT and FMCSA rules. Also check out Motor Carrier Authority .

Who Needs UCR Registration?

UCR is for motor carriers with commercial vehicles that carry cargo over state lines. (Or, commercial motor vehicles that transport goods across international lines.) But that’s not all. UCR is also for people and businesses that arrange the shipment of goods. This means that many brokers, leasing companies, and freight forwarders need UCR.

Each must pay the standard UCR fee to avoid FMCSA and DOT penalties and fines.

So, how much is a UCR fee for a motor carrier? The cost of the fee depends on how many vehicles a fleet has. Leasing companies and brokers pay lower UCR registration fees than carriers. Also visit BOC-3 . How to get California DOT number ?

What Happens if You Do Not Get Registered for UCR?

Say that you decide to not pay for UCR. Then, you get caught driving across state lines. Most enforcement officials will detain your vehicles. But wait- it gets worse. You might have to pay for extra penalties and fines. The exact amount of those penalties and fines depends on which base state you have. First time offender fines range from $100 to $5,000, per fine. Check out Starting a Trucking Company Package .

What if My Base State Doesn’t Take Part in the UCR Program?

As of right now, 41 US states take part in the FMCSA UCR program. Here are the states that UCR does not apply to in a direct way:






-New Jersey




-The District of Columbia

But wait- don't assume you're off the hook from UCR registration if you're in one of these states.

Say that a motor carrier travels across the state lines of one of these states. That same motor carrier must buy UCR. Also, say that you live in one of the above states. You still have to buy UCR from the nearest state in the UCR program. Title 49 of the United States Code is a code that regards the role of transportation in the United States of America. Visit DOT Authority Package. The United States Code - USC - is the codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States.

Under UCR, What’s Considered a “Commercial Motor Vehicle”?

Here is how UCR defines a commercial motor vehicle. It is any towed (trailer) or self-propelled highway vehicle. Every commercial motor vehicle takes part in interstate commerce. Weight rating or gross.

The vehicle must have a gross weight exceeding 10,001 pounds.

Or, the vehicle can transport over eleven passengers. Do you have an interstate traveling vehicle with hazardous waste placarding? If so, the vehicle also counts as a commercial vehicle. Check out Driver Qualification Files .


How Do I Figure Out the Size of My Fleet?

Your FMCSA UCR registration sheet will have instructions that pertain to fleet size. If you don't understand the instructions, you're welcome to contact our organization. Remember that trailers and power units count as separate fleet vehicles. You can review your fleet information through the USDOT Number if you self-register. IFTA Sticker Registration steps.

Do I Receive a Certificate That Proves UCR Registration?

No, a motor carrier does not receive a UCR registration certificate. Instead, you can prove your registration by accessing the national database. Even law enforcement officers can access it. They will do so during routine roadside checks. Also visit MCS-150 .

More About the UCR Process & Fee Structure

The UCR program replaced the SSRS (Single State Registration System) process in 2007. UCR enforces that interstate carriers register their companies with relevant participating states, participating in the ucr. Plus, they are required to pay an annual fee based on fleet size. UCR applies to all carriers- whether for hire, private, or exempt. It also applies to freight forwarders, leasing companies and brokers. All three have to register and pay a specific fee. The only exception is when one of the three already operates as a motor carrier. Check out Drug and Alcohol Program.

Do not let UCR registration stress you out. It’s a pretty simple process.

All you've got to do is pay your UCR fee through your base state. That’s the state of your primary residence. Say that your base state doesn’t take part in UCR. You'll then pay for UCR though a neighboring state that takes part in the process. If you need help understanding the UCR process, please call our office. One of our trucking experts will assist you with filing your UCR right away. Check how to obtain MC Number .


Do You Need UCR ASAP? We’re Ready To Make the Process Easy

When it comes to UCR, we’re the most trusted process service agency in the US. We process thousands of UCR applications every year. Yes, that’s a lot of registrations. But we have the FMCSA tools and resources that no one else has. When we help you with a UCR application, we’ll reduce your errors right away. That’s so your registration won’t get rejected or delayed by the FMCSA. When it comes to accurate licensing and registration, we’ve got you covered. Please call us right now and let us know what you need help with. Our trucking experts will take care of your UCR needs right away. Also take a look at DOT Audit .